Friday, November 01, 2019

Create || Easy Graphics & Picture Editing With Fotor

Create || Review

As an artist and blogger, I use programmes to edit images and create graphics every single day. Although I love Photoshop and use it regularly, sometimes I just want quick editing or super quick graphic creation and this is where sites like Fotor come in. I'd not heard of Fotor but when they approached me to review their site I was intrigued to see what they had to offer and if this could be another handy tool for my blog and work, I was not disappointed!

I was granted full access to the site for the purpose of the review, though there are free elements you can use to create basic graphics and conduct basic edits. Fotor is great for creating easy quick graphics, to edit photos online and create collages. Having the ability to add text, effects and smooth out any unwanted photo additions at the click of a button is so useful, whether it's for business or personal use and my experience of Fotor so far has been very positive and will be a great tool for what I do. No matter what your skill level, you will be able to use this site no problem, create stunning effects and if in doubt use their handy hits and tutorials for a better idea of what to do. Here's a little introduction to Fotor and the sort of things you can use it for...

Photo editing

When it comes to photo editing, Fotor couldn't be easier! There are options for beauty such as wrinkle removal, blemish removal (really useful for bogeys in kid pictures!) as well as tweaking makeup and boosting features. You can add filters for a softer look, increase all the usual aspects such as brightness and add things like frames, text and stickers. If you just need to crop a photo, rotate or change to black and white, you'll be able to do this in seconds and it's by far the easiest editing site I've used, I'm very impressed! There are so many options to play with and you don't need to have experience with editing to use this site, it's all very clear and simple, allowing everyone to have a go and get creative.


When creating collages, again Fotor excels at this, with multiple collage designs with different shapes, sizes and options it couldn't be easier. Here's a very simple side by side before and after of an image edited on Fotor and you can see a few of the collage options on the left, as well as the simple image importing area on the right. There's no cryptic wording like other sites, save is save, share is share and I love the simplicity! This is something that's often overlooked with editing sites as they presume everyone knows the lingo and will know where to click, but Fotor seem to have got this just right so even those who haven't edited online before can create collages.

Graphic design

Whether it's a quick advert for a school bake sale, a header for your Facebook page or an advert for your business, Fotor has lots of beautiful easy to edit templates where you can simply click and amend text, colours and stickers, add your own photos and create your own masterpiece in minutes. 

This is a downloaded template but gives a good idea of the basics. You could import your photo, change the colours of the frame and text, replace the flower sticker with something more suitable and you're all done in just a few seconds. Sometimes you just need to promote a sale on your page, a giveaway or even a meme - this is your site! 


As you've probably guessed I am very impressed with Fotor. The main thing that appeals to me is how easy it is to use. Although I have lots of experience with editing software, it's so nice when you can do everything easily on one site and Fotor is perfect for professionals as well as anyone else that just wants to edit a photo for any reason or create some graphics. Upgrading your account is optional but well worth doing if you'll use it regularly as it gives you full access to all resources and functions on the site. This is a great all round site for all ages and levels of skill and I'd definitely recommend this if you're in need of a helping hand with your creations. Check out Fotor's blog for a little inspiration and head to to check out the site for yourself. Big thumbs up from me!