November 10, 2019

Mama Style || Big Girl Hoop Days - Georgiana Scott Jewellery

Mama Style || Review - Gifted

Since becoming a Mum I've gone full circle, initially feeling I'd completely lost myself, that I needed to look more 'like a mum', not having a clue what to wear for my new body shape and just feeling an overall frump, to now where i feel more 'me' than ever. I've recently got  much better hold on my wardrobe, accepted that my body shape is what it is (for now though I'm working on it!) and even started wearing my statement jewellery I used to love years ago. I no longer feel I need to dress or look a certain way, I can just wear and accessorise with the things I love such as my bandannas and pinafore dresses.

Just recently I was sent some big girl hoops from Georgiana Scott Jewellery, a family brand based in London. I call them big girl hoops as for me it's something you wear when you feel confident, strong and happy. The hoops I chose to review are the diamond cut medium silver La Roma hoops and I really really love these gorgeous hoops!  Hoops go with my style so well and if I have these on, you know I'm feeling good! These are made from 925 sterling silver and made for Georgiana Scott Jewellery in Italy. There's a range of hoops to suit your style in different coloured metals and I must say these have really made me smile! I rarely treat myself so these were a hugely welcome gift and I really love the look of them. The weight is just right to hang nicely without bothering my ears or feeling heavy. I love how the detail is delicately carved so there's sparkle without looking too bling, perfect. Next time, I think I'll be brave and go for the even bigger hoops, maybe even in gold! 😍😍😍

I love how the hoops are presented with a gorgeous little velvety bag and paper gift bag - the PERFECT  present for any hoop fan. Now apologies for the goofy grin and tired face, I've had flu and felt poorly recently but hopefully the gorgeous sparkly hoops will still shine! They just add that finishing touch to my outfit and I am in love with my new hoops. Here's a few selfies so you can see them in use and the sizing for the medium hoops...

These hoops are such a welcome addition to my jewellery box and I'm already planning my next pair! If you fancy yourself some big girl hoops that are a little special, then I'd highly recommend taking a look at the Georgiana Scott website. You can even scoop an exclusive discount of 20% using the code HOOPY20 at the checkout! You can also follow for updates and beautiful jewellery on all socials @georgianascottlondon.

Do you like to get your hoop on too?

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