Sunday, November 10, 2019

Kids Stuff || Birthday Adventures At Sundown Adventureland

We recently surprised the kids with a day out at Sundown Adventureland nearby us here in Lincoln. We've been a few times before and it really is a special place to go and a place they've been begging to return to for ages! We much prefer having family days out than forking out for stressful parties, so we thought a bright sunny Autumn day would be perfect for a trip to Sundown all together.

If you've not been to Sundown before, you may have heard of it referred to as 'Pets Corner' as most people locally still call it, but it is now Sundown Adventureland, a theme park aimed at under tens but really fun for all ages. There is so much to see and do and it's very different to anywhere else we've been! There really is a kind of nostalgic, innocent and slightly crazy charm to it and it's such a good day out I thought I'd share some photos of our visit for Alf's 8th birthday. Here's the blurb from the Sundown website as they say it best! I've popped some of our pictures in alongside...

Sundown Adventureland!

Bet you’ve never heard a goat yodel or a potato talk, but you will at Sundown Market.

 And with your help, all the animals in the Musical Pet Shop will join in the chorus of their very own song. 

Explore Fort Apache and the Rodeo Corral Indoor Play Area. Then it’s all aboard the Rocky Mountain Railroad, but hold onto your hats folks, those pesky bandits are popping up everywhere. Be careful not to wake the dragon as you enter the Lollipoppet Castle with all its smells of candy. Then it’s on to the Tractor Ride for a trip around the English countryside before talking to the animals on our Animated Farm.

Ahoy there! Time to take the Jolly Pirate Ride – but you better watch out, for who knows where those wicked pirates are lying in wait with a surprise or two! Don’t forget your buckets and spades – you’ll need them in Captain Sandy’s Play Cove.

Toddlers won’t want to leave the Storybook Village. Besides listening to their favourite stories, they will be able to join in as they try the chairs in the Seven Dwarf’s House and play the piano in the Three Little Pig’s House. Grandma may not be afraid of the Big Bad Wolf, but she may be afraid of The Mouse’s Tale.

But no one can be scared of the delightful little friends whose lovely scenes lead us through the seasons to the magical Sleigh Ride through Santa’s traditional winter wonderland, where, hey, what’s that reindeer doing in bed?!

Grab those bows and arrows and climb aboard the Robin Hood Ride to join Robin and his Merry Men as they travel through Sherwood Forest.

Then it’s on to Crash Landings – our fantastic four-story indoor play area and cafeteria. This play area is probably the biggest in the area. Slide down the tallest slide, then climb and explore through the jungle where you may get a surprise from a Cheeky Monkey or a Slippery Snake.

sundown adventureland review lincoln days out

Run, swing and play in our bright and colourful Angry Birds Activity Park. Take a spin on the Okie Yolkie Ride, and bounce along on the Giddy Piggies Ride. On your way around don’t forget to sing and dance along with the monkeys at Monkey Mischief.

When you’re ready for a break, take the kids for a snack or a treat in one of our Cafes or Shops where there are lots of goodies available.

Sundown really is a magical place, it's got so much to explore it's so creative, quirky and special, it's really somewhere you'd treasure as a kid and remember forever. We love the all year round Christmas ride and the kids adore the flying pigs and ostrich rides, all of which we can go on too. The Angry Birds playground is great to burn off some energy as well as the huge indoor soft play, there's lots of rides for all ages so parent's can join in instead of standing and waiting like most places. I'd highly recommend this place for a day out and at £15 each it seems pricey but is so worth the money and is a guaranteed fun tiring day out and the perfect place to make memories. There's also a shop and very well priced cafes on site, so if you forget anything you're covered!

Have you been to Sundown?