Thursday, November 07, 2019

Mama Life || Teen Health Issues To Watch Out For

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Even though my own babies are a fair few years away from hitting the joys of their teenage years, it’s never too early to be prepared for the angst that this can cause you as a parent. Having a teenager or two under your roof can make your happy family dynamic shift overnight and I'm already terrified about what's to come. From raging hormones, peer pressure and the ability of social media to sap youngsters’ self confidence means that your humble abode will have to manage the new found shift, but it won’t last forever. As a parent we need to be there, be understanding and be willing to listen to our kids just like we do when they're small. The one thing we can be on the look out for is any health concerns that may crop up when adolescence hits. As much as we prepare for the arrival of our babies and all the things that crop up in childhood, the same can be done for the teenage years and it's always good to be ahead of the game and prepare ourselves for the future. Read on for a few tips on what you can do to prepare for teen health and the kind of things that may arise.

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Wisdom Teeth

From the age of about sixteen, the third set of molars can erupt in your teen's mouth. This can cause pain and soreness, leading to inflammation. Having had two come through myself, I know only too well how uncomfortable it can be, so it's well worth reading up on in preparation if you're unsure. Infection and impaction is also a possibility and you may need a little professional help. If you find that your child is suddenly in a lot of pain, it might be worth calling an emergency dentist like Emerdency who will be able to conduct a telephone consultation before you make a routine appointment at your regular dentist. Wisdom teeth aren’t always problematic, but when they become stuck or grow unusually, they may need to be removed. This operation can be done in a dental practice or in a hospital setting depending on the complexity of the procedure.

Mental Health

Teenagers have hormones raging around their body that can result in mood swings and fatigue. While this is normal, things can quickly go awry without you even noticing. If you see that your teen is spending too much time on their own in their room, or they appear withdrawn, teary and anxious, it might be time to have a talk with them or again seek outside help. Mental health issues are a real concern amongst teenagers, kids and adults nowadays and it's talked about a lot more which is great. What may begin as an acute episode of anxiety can quickly develop into something more serious, so always talk to your teen to see where they are at. Encourage your child to talk, be open and transparent, and always foster a feeling of mutual respect. By starting young, as our kids reach they're teens they'll know they can tell us anything and be honest with what's going on in their lives.

Social media has made mental health issues more prevalent as platforms like Instagram show seemingly aspirational images that make teenagers feel inferior. Even though everyone knows that these photographs are heavily filtered to create an ideal, self confidence can be sapped. Fostering a healthy relationship with social media is key as even though there are age limits in place, they often start younger so it's a good idea to get clued up well in advance, keep up with what's popular and help keep them safe online.

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Glandular Fever

Often called 'the kissing disease', this virus is more common in teenagers and always has been. As we already know, when your kid’s immune system is low, they can catch all sorts of lurgy. The Epstein Barr virus can cause a raging temperature, severe fatigue and a sore throat, leaving your child tired for up to six months. If you think your teen may have this, get them in to a doctor straight away.

The teenage years really can be full of angst, but by preparing early, getting clued up on their life and starting young, we can help keep them healthy both mentally and physically.