Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Xmas Gift Guide || Timeless Toys For Girls & Boys

Xmas Gift Guide || Kids - Post contains affiliate links

With Christmas fast approaching and some rather vague Father Christmas lists emerging, I thought I'd share some classic toys that make great gifts, but also stand the test of time. Many of us are thinking that our kids don't really need anything, we know they'd like a toy, but we don't want toys that won't be used cluttering up our homes. These gifts are all great toys and games that will be loved for years to come. Some we had in our own childhood and they've come back again and again because they are just a classic childhood toy that can be loved for many years and passed on through the generations. If you're struggling for gift ideas this year for your little ones, check out the selection below for a little inspiration.

Toys like Playmobil never get old, they give so much opportunity for creative play and there's a whole world of it to collect. I love this dolls house type play set, there are so many adorable little accessories and it's the perfect pack away play set. I remember playing with Spirograph for hours as a child and it's still fun now, so of course it had to make the cut along with Twister and Gone fishing which are fun for all the family games, perfect for our rainy days. A classic red waggon is so versatile for a child, used in the garden, for towing toys, as a pram or even wheeling around their friends or siblings, and when not in use it can be used easily for toy storage, to encourage kids to tidy away after play. Sylvanian family toys are one of those things that will just never go, they are so cute, with ample sets to collect and it's one of those toys that never loses its value or charm. Polly Pocket has come back again and it's as cute as ever with a few new features (such as suckers on the feet so they can stand better) and lots to choose from. These sets are very sweet, pretty budget friendly and will be loved and enjoyed for a long time.

The magnetic building set, or variations of it have always been popular. With the exception of Hungry Hippos which is just an all time classic game, all these sets enable the children to use their minds to create something to play with, considering balance, structure and shape. These are the kind of toys that can be used in so many ways and it's amazing seeing what they come up with during play. You can buy age appropriate versions of most these toys so they make the best fit for your child, but I can guarantee they will be well loved!

What have your children asked for this year?