Monday, November 18, 2019

Create || Graphics & Quotes For Social Media

Create || Collaborative Post

Whether you're a business, blogger, or just someone that likes creating graphics to get your point across in an aesthetically pleasing way, you may be looking for ideas. Choosing the right fonts, images and editing software can be confusing, so i thought I'd share some tips right here.

Choose your words wisely

When creating a graphic, we want the quote/motto/saying to be short and sharp, conveying the idea we are trying to get across without too much reading involved. We want the text to look nice, readable and compliment the images well, so think about what you are trying to say and limit the text as much as possible. You can write more in the supporting text, but keep the main message brief and to the point.

Choose your font carefully

Fonts are something I can be very particular about, but there are ample of fonts out there to download for your favourite programmes and you can even get your font free from many places which are simply installed to your PC for immediate use. Choosing a font depends on what the theme of your post is. For example, the image above is more of a life/love quote, so we want it to look whimsical and care free. The post below however is Christmas themed and a quote from our favourite festive film, Elf. This one has a candy cane font to fit the theme, in a clear bold text that gets the message across and looks fun to reflect the quote. Make sure that the font is clear to read even when being viewed on a mobile screen, as although delicate scripts can look stunning, they can be hard to read sometimes. When thinking about the colour of your font, choose something that stands out against your background images and jumps out to make it clear. For darker images use a light font and for lighter images a dark font. This seems obvious but so often I see graphics with text whited out by parts of an image!

Think about your background images

When placing your text for a quote or graphic, the text is hugely important, but the supporting image can be too. We want a background image that supports the text, has relevance or at least looks like a nice match with the quote. The example above may be a bit busy with an image so I opted for a plain traditionally Christmas coloured background, whereas the image below is another floaty lovey quote again, perfect for some muted summer flowers faded into the background. There are also lots of free sites out there for stock images, so if you're sharing for business use just make sure you have permission to use the image in your graphic.

To make sure your images are shared with you in mind, you could think about adding a watermark or link to your page/site at the bottom of the graphic. People may then link to your page when sharing, which is all good for us online business owners. You can also produce graphics easily on apps as well as your computer programmes such as Photoshop, Word and Publisher, so you don't necessarily need a degree in design to produce something attractive.

How do you create your graphics?