Thursday, November 12, 2020

It's (NOT) Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!


I absolutely love Christmas and normally by this point I'm starting to get pretty excited, begging Adam to let me put the decorations up before the months out and busy gathering gifts. This year though things just don't feel the same and I feel really sad that I'm not excited, but it can't be forced! Am I the only one? With lockdown, covid and not knowing who we'll see or what we'll be able to do, it all just seems a bit empty doesn't it?

I love buying presents, but not being able to head round the shops with the decorations, festive tunes playing and icy weather making your cheeks blush as you struggle to carry all those bags, just wont be the same. I'm a sucker for an Amazon order but doing it all online is just no fun at all. On Christmas day I love the family morning at home, but love going to see family after lunch, eating too much, watching the kids play with their cousins and having a good catch up, so possibly not being able to do that makes me really sad too. I know it isn't forever and we will make the best of whatever Christmas looks like, but I'm not good with not knowing, with not being able to make plans, so I'm struggling with that aspect this year.

I need something to focus on, so I'm going to just imagine we'll be at home for now and make plans for that, then if things change, great. I want to make it extra special for the kids, super magical and pull out all the stops. I am going to do the 'elf' thing properly this year, as we've been super slack and Alf will be 10 next year, so I know that the years of magic are diminishing and I want to relish it for as long as I can! I want the kids to crash through a wrapping paper door on Christmas day and just have the best one ever, with a busy day, enjoying our home, each other and making the best of a strange festive situation.

So I'm just not feeling Christmassy yet, but it's OK and it will all be special, magical and enjoyable for all of us! How are you planning to make Christmas special this year?