Friday, November 20, 2020

Mama Life || Showing People We Care This Christmas

Mama Life - Collaborative Post

Christmas during a global pandemic - did you ever think you would say those words?! You are now because, even though it isn’t beginning to look a lot like Christmas, it does appear pretty festive out there right now and we're still in the thick of it. The closer it gets to December, the more the Christmas spirit hits everybody, even in the midst of a worldwide health crisis!

Of course, the Covid-19 situation does throw up some obstacles. Apart from the whole will-we-won’t-we-spend-Xmas-together fiasco, there’s the gift-buying challenge. Yes, people would forgive you for not being on the ball this year, yet we will no doubt want to give gifts still. Thoughtful presents, however small, are a great way to show that you care, but there are other options too. Here’s some tips to help out this Christmas... 

Tone It Down

The lack of money in the coffers right now is disconcerting, and you don’t need Christmas to come around and absorb all of your emergency funds. However, there are ways to give people gifts without pushing the boat out and spending a small fortune. For example, you can agree with your siblings to buy only for the kids or arrange a family secret Santa, buying one gift instead of X amount. That way, they all get the day they dream about all year, and you don’t need to remortgage the house! Or, you can simply set price limits based on the amount you can afford, nobody wants anyone getting in to debt buying presents.

Buy For The Whole House

Typically, gift-giving is about personalising the pressies to make the experience even more special. However, the restrictions make it tough to execute Christmas as you usually would, which is why buying a single present for the whole house instead could be a smart move. Christmas gift hampers are perfect because they are practical and full of festive love and can be completely customised to be the perfect treat for the recipients. Therefore, they show you care more than most gifts you can purchase as it shows you really know them. Plus, there’s something for everybody inside a hamper, ensuring you don’t leave anyone out. 

Remember Shipping Timetables 

You can do a lot of last minute online shopping at Xmas when shops are shut and force people to remain indoors. Yep, shopping for gifts this time around will be an experience in itself, and that’s a feature to factor into your plan. You won’t be able to rely on overnight shipping or next-day delivery to get you out of a jam during Covid Christmas as the demand will be too high, so plan in advance and be sure to check delivery times and where the item is being shipped from. As for posting gifts on, you will have to be fully prepared if you want to rest easy knowing your parcels made it to their destinations before the 25th!

Make A Call

Another effective way to show you care is to make a phone call to all your loved ones on Christmas morning. Presents are fantastic, yet nothing beats having a conversation, particularly when you haven’t seen some people for months due to the lockdown. If you want to take it a step further and video call, that’s great! However, the main thing is to do your bit without breaking the rules. Then, your family will feel loved, and that’s all that counts.

Send a letter

Everybody loves receiving good post and there's nothing better than a hand written letter, with maybe some photos inside. If funds are lacking, this personal old school approach can be just the ticket to show you care, catch up and show people you are thinking of them.

How will you spend Christmas this year? Are you looking forward to it?