Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Mama Life || Finding Love in The Pandemic This Christmas

Mama life - Collaborative post

As we're in the midst of our second national lockdown, it's hard to imagine what life will be like on the other side of Covid or how long it will go on for as things are. With much of our social enjoyment taken away, like pubs, clubs and festivals, it's hard to be sociable at all, let alone meet new people or find love. It's definitely a weird time for us all, but if you're single and looking for someone special, all is not lost! Although things are more tricky when it comes to dating, it is still possible to meet new people, it just may take a little longer to actually meet them face to face!

It really is a time to get creative, learn to get to know people in more traditional ways before braving the outside world together and embracing technology for a helping hand in the right direction. With video calls, online messaging, apps, phones and virtual dates, the dating scene is as lively as ever! With this in mind, here are some tips to meet new people this Christmas, whilst staying safe and having the best time possible in the middle of a pandemic.

How to meet new people in lockdown

Even if you would normally prefer to meet people in a slightly more organic way, it goes without saying that right now the options are limited, so heading online and having virtual dates is the way forward! There are sites that help you find love specifically in your area, whether it's Lincolnshire, Sussex or a dating agency Hampshire way you need, get signed up and start exploring the possibilities. If you prefer a quicker match, there's loads of dating apps now that can help, with a quick swipe, your new love could be just a button click away. 

The dating scene has been thriving since Coronavirus stormed into our lives with March's first lockdown and these sites and apps got stuck straight in creating new ice breaker games and new features to make things easier and more accessible for everyone, no matter your age or location. A quick Google or look in your app store will help you find your match, but be sure to check out some reviews first from other users to see which is best for you.

Staying safe with the new world of dating

When restrictions allow, it can be more daunting than ever meeting face to face, with the added threat of a virus spreading as well as all the usual dating hang ups. Don't be afraid to delay meeting until you feel safer to do so, or insist on mask wearing and meeting at a safe distance. You could host virtual dates via video call for super safe social distancing, but if/when you do meet, make sure to utilise features on apps that now let you make it clear on your profile that you are only happy to meet with masks etc as well as video calls on sites without having to exchange phone numbers or personal details, this is a great way to test the water much more safely. 

Ideas for virtual dates

This is certainly a time to get creative on dates, it's not everyone's cup of tea and will no doubt feel totally awkward for all first timers, but dating virtually doesn't have to be as daunting as it sounds. Lots of people have got stuck into sharing a drink or meal together via video, but there's so many things you can do, just like real life dating, online can be just as fun and definitely a unique experience you will never forget. It's more important than ever when it's by video to make sure conversations don't run dry, so while armed with a list of topics to discuss, here are some virtual dating ideas you could consider doing at the same time;

  • Painting each others portraits could be hilarious via video and a really good ice breaker
  • Sharing a virtual dinner or drinks could be fun, you could even have the same takeaway delivered.
  • Plan your dream real life dates, favourite local hangouts such as Hampshire dating hotspots.
  • Post each other Christmas presents before the date and open them together on video.
  • Watch a film or concert together at the same time.
  • Play games or cards together. You could even play online games, meet up for a battle on Fortnite!
  • Share a quick coffee and go from there. This can be as long or short as it needs to be!
  • Share music together, play your favourite tunes and maybe even have a boogie.
  • Take a virtual museum tour together.
  • Quiz each other with real life questions or general knowledge.
  • Do some wine tasting or another drink of your choice.
  • Get to know each other with virtual home tours, show off your favourite things and creations.
  • Make cocktails together, try some weird ones and have a laugh as you mix.
  • Make Christmas decorations or design each other a Christmas card.
  • Go travelling on Google earth!

You don't have to go all out or have in depth plans, but having some little ice breakers on hand, drawing, eating, laughing together and just see how things go. This is a huge test for compatibility but what a brilliant start to a relationship if it goes well!

If you're single and looking to find love this Christmas, have the best time trying out the new world of dating and just know that if it all feels daunting and strange, it probably does to everyone else too! Try and have fun, relax and embrace the new technologies, sites apps and features around now to help you out. When all returns to normal, you could have the perfect partner all lined up ready to get to know each other face to face, but if not, you'll have great tales to tell and keep busy at least while things settle down!