Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Kids Stuff || Christmas Magic With The Lapland Mailroom


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This year, Christmas already feels so different. For me, I feel a bit sad that some of our Christmas traditions won't be the same and that we can't see family all together, but it's important to remember that for the kids it's as magical as ever.

Our kids are now 9 and 6, so the years of magic and believing are limited sadly. This year I want to make it the most magical and exciting yet to gloss over the marring of Covid and make sure the kids just have the best time while they still entertain the magic side of it, though I hope we still have a few years left!

One thing that makes Christmas super special is a letter before Christmas from Father Christmas, this builds the excitement, makes them feel special and gives them chance to receive a personalised letter from the big man himself, we love them!

This year, the kids have been kindly sent some letters from the Lapland Mailroom. I was able to order the personalised letters in just a few minutes from my mobile phone and I love the different options available. You can also opt for activity kits for just an extra pound and I just love the branding and how legitimate the letters seem, it really is quite magical!

Along with the personalised letters which we could add in a friends name, something from their Christmas list and a personalised 'P.S' message, we received a giant sticker saying they're on the good list as well as a card to colour, a certificate and an activity book. This is such great value and worth every penny for the excitement on their faces! Here's a couple of snaps of what else was inside...

These really are special and come in official stamped envelopes and completely look the real deal, the kids were super excited! If your kids would love their own letter just like these, head over to the Lapland Mailroom website and see all the glorious offerings, they're dispatched within a couple of days in December so it's the perfect time to order!