Sunday, November 29, 2020

Dreamy Advent Calendars 2020 (With Prime Delivery!)

This post contains Amazon affiliate links - it doesn't affect your purchase, but I may make a few pence commission if you buy something!

One of the best things about this time of year is choosing an advent calendar, it's always been exciting for me even when we just had picture ones or the traditional little Christmas shape chocolates. Nowadays though the advent calendar is a gift in itself, with brands competing to bring out bigger and better ones every year, making the count down to the big day even more exciting! I thought I'd share some of the coolest one's I've found for all the family this year, and best of all they can be delivered by Amazon Prime in time, so we don't have to take risks or change out of our PJs! Here goes...

For food and sweet stuff lovers, there are so many options now and I love love love that they do a cheese one, cheese!! Pringles is pretty epic and the Hotel Chocolat for two is up there with heavenly. From chilli sauce tasters to snaffling pork scratchings, there is so much to choose from now!


Kids toy Advent calendars can be a gift in themselves and although they can get pricey, they make a great early Christmas present, especially for a kid you can't be with on the day. Maybe you could send an advent, with a bigger toy to open on the day, that way it's a nice long build up and a treat every day before Christmas. These are a great fun way of adding to our little one's collection, building that Christmas magic and making them smile.

There are quite literally calendars for everyone now, so if you're wanting a break from chocolate or just want to give someone a slightly longer lasting gift to make them smile throughout December, then some of these may be right up your street! 

With everything 2020 has given us, treats like this are a must this year and I really think we should all help ourselves through with a little daily treat like this. They make great gifts for December birthdays too and there are options for all ages and genders, such as mail grooming or even stationary. If you have Prime, then these can be with you before the start of the month, but don't worry if you don't as all the shops are brimming with them now too! Will you be having an advent calendar this year?