Monday, November 23, 2020

Mama Life || 10 Virtual Dating or Hang Out Ideas

Whether it's catching up with family, hanging out with friends or meeting a potential new dating partner, meeting virtually via video call or sites like Zoom are just the normal right now. As much as the thought of it makes me shudder a little, it is time to embrace a bit of virtual meeting up as it's good for our mental health to see people that make us happy and quite frankly the only option if you're dating in a lock down. 

Here are ten ideas you could try via video link up that may just break the ice with new people or provide a bit of a giggle with family and friends...

1. Get Arty

Painting each others portraits could be hilarious fun even via video and a really good ice breaker. It doesn't have to be portraits though, you could give your best (or worst) attempts at drawing certain things or play games like Pictionary.

2. Have dinner together or 'go' for drinks

Sharing a virtual dinner together could be fun, you could even get matching takeaways delivered or send one to each other as a treat. Or, just as you would at the pub, sit down in front of the cameras with your drinks of choice and get merry, chat, laugh and enjoy yourselves.

3. Secret Santa or gift exchange

Post each other Christmas presents before the date and open them together on video or arrange a secret Santa for each other to add a bit of mystery and fun.

4. Watch a film or concert together

Hit play and enjoy a concert, Netflix series or movie together, you could even watch stand up comedy or head down a YouTube rabbit hole.

5. Play games or cards together

Go old school and bring out some classic games, charades, 20 questions, truth or dare, you could even play online games, meet up for a battle on Fortnite!

6. Share a quick coffee

If you're dating, this is an easy start and you can go from there. This can be as long or short as it needs to be! Even meeting for a quick coffee date with a friend or family member could be a welcome break in the day, a quick chat and a giggle can work wonders.

7. Share music together

Play your favourite tunes and maybe even have a boogie. The kids would love a family disco by video, seeing Grandpa bust his moves while Granny tries the floss!

8. a virtual museum tour together

In the last lock down, lots of places like museums set up online virtual tours. This could be a fun venture for a new date or friend for a few minutes escape from reality.

9. Quiz each other

Either with real life questions to get to know them better or general knowledge for family and friends.

10. Have a virtual shopping trip

Meet up online with your bestie and browse the online stores, send each other links to things you find for each other and fill those baskets!