Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Home Style || Adding colour, Texture & Space...

Adding a rug to a room or communal space can make a huge difference to the look and feel of the area. With rugs we can cleverly tie colours together, add a whopping slab of texture, add warmth to the room, protect floors and even make spaces appear bigger or have more purpose. If you have kids at home then protecting carpets and flooring from toys and foods can be a great idea and it also makes it softer and warmer for them to play or rest on and safer if they trip or fall. You can also inject a fun bit of colour or pattern into the room, making it more appealing for little ones and us big ones too.

In terms of warmth, rugs prevent cold rising from hard floors but can also add the feeling of warmth just by adding warming textures, fabrics and colours. Quite often a room just doesn't seem complete and it can just be as simple as adding the right rug to bring it all together and finish the job. Here's a few favourites on sale right now that I love for a whole host of reasons. If rugs aren't your thing or you have an awkward shaped space to fill, you may want to consider carpet tiles from places like for some different options.

Whether it's a more classic bold pattern, a modern art style finish or even faux fur that you're looking for, be sure to keep looking and find your perfect rug. Measurements are key, with it not being too big that it's intrusive, but not being too small that it looks odd in the room. It's also important to consider the colours and how it compliments or ties in your existing colour palette. You may also want to consider a different shaped rug such as a circle, square or random shape like the fur varieties. The sheep skin style rugs also look great over the back of chairs or even on top of dressers and tables to soften hard surfaces.

If you have an open plan living space, then the addition of a rug can help to give areas more of a definitive purpose and gives you a focal point to work around too.

There are so many plus points to embracing the world of rugs, so if you need a little colour, texture or warmth in your home, get on the search for your perfect match!