Sunday, May 26, 2019

My Book Is Now For Sale!

This has been a real labour of love, but I can finally say that my book has been accepted and is now for sale on Amazon - whoop whoop whoop! Here's the obligatory affiliate link, it's so good seeing it for sale finally! Please feel free to share with anyone with young children that like a new read.

On the first day my book went to #791 out of 6 million books! I've been blown away by the kindness of people with my book, with people from school, old work friends and lots of people from school all wishing me luck and buying a copy. Last week I ventured into school to trial the book with a reception class and they were so sweet, they seemed to really enjoy it and asked some lovely questions. After the holidays I'll be back to school with Alf's class to see how they like it too. As it's our local park next to the school, they all recognise images in my illustrations which I think helps make this go down well. Alf had a friend round for tea the other day who sat and read it by himself and he loved it - 'it's one of my new favourite books'. This made me so happy!

Finally I got the sign off from Amazon so it was accepted for sale and I quickly ordered my copy before telling my friends and family it was up, and here it is! Delivered in a couple of days by Amazon Prime and it's so nice finally seeing a real hard copy. The colours all look great and it just looks bright and fun, exactly as I'd hoped.

This was never about making sales or money, I just wanted our story in a real book in my hands, so I'm happy right now but the added bonus of people being lovely and hopefully some more kids enjoying my book is great!