Saturday, May 18, 2019

Home Style || Summer Garden Dining

As the weather warms and BBQ season begins, our garden makeover is well underway. One thing we are seriously lacking in is some decent dining furniture we can all sit at as we currently have splintery pub style tables. Our aim is to save for a proper family friendly dining set finally, to sit at enjoying our food outside and enjoying the sun going down in the evening. Before now, the kids have just had their own little table as they were too small to sit on our benches, but as the kids are growing it would be much nicer all sitting together around one table, just as we do inside. This would also save so much space having just one family table for us all to use.

This week, I've been doing some virtual table shopping (yep I know how to have a good time), seeing what takes our fancy and of course how much money needs to be saved over the next couple of months. Ideally, we want something that can be cleaned easily, possibly repainted if needed and likely to last for a good few years. Here's some that I've found that would be perfect for our small garden this summer;

Although well out of our budget, I love the natural look of this John Lewis Dante Garden Bistro Table set. l also really like how this picture has been styled, with simple green plants, shiny copper pots and neutral fabrics. I wonder how these would last out in the elements after summer as we don't have a garage for storage - would it be long lasting? Either way, this gives me a good idea of the kind of look I would like to achieve. Neutral, plain and easy to create the perfect look in our dining corner.

1. Asda 2. Asda 3. Argos 4. Wilko 5. Asda 6. Asda

From doing some searches, I'm definitely favouring the lighter, more natural look materials. I really like wicker, but I think the string style (1) is my favourite, along with wood that can easily be painted to match other woodwork in the garden, like planters and doors on out out building/shed. The wood is also a very pocket friendly option and from experience do last pretty well. I also really like the Scandi vibe from the Skagerak Overlap Bench (below) which would tie in really well as it's looked out upon from our Scandi style kitchen. It's so simple and solid looking and something like this would be pretty perfect in our outside space.

What sort of furniture do you go for in the garden?