Monday, May 20, 2019

Mama Style || Excited For The Wedding Season...

Mama Style//Collaborative Post

This year we celebrate our 9th anniversary, after meeting 16 years ago and getting engaged just a year  later. In the coming months we have a few weddings going on with a couple of our closest friends and my husbands best friend getting married and we are so excited. It seems such a long time since we tied the knot and so much has happened since, so we are well ready to witness our friends celebrate their special day and now the kids are older they can have fun with family why we enjoy a couple of weekends away too. 

Even though it's not traditionally engagement season, I've seen a lot of engagement posts just recently and I think with people favouring a summer wedding, getting engaged now gives them a good year to get saving and making plans. If you're looking at taking that next step or even celebrating with an eternity ring, F Hinds have a gorgeous selection of rings right now, from the simple to the all out bling. Here's my favourites with simplicity and sparkle and a little rose gold. I love the first day and night ring, this would be my choice if I was getting engaged right now;

Looking at what to wear to the weddings has been fun so far and although I'm not committing to anything clothes wise just yet, I thought I'd share my outfit ideas. Our first wedding is a casual garden party type event, so smart casual with flat shoes a must as it's up in the hills and likely to be muddy with uneven ground. I love getting dressed up, so need to find something that will be comfortable for a long day, easy to dance in and dress up and down as the day goes into night celebrations. I love polka dots, florals or a boho vibe and as it's bang in the heart of summer, colour and floaty fabrics is a must as well as sleeves as I like having my arms covered. These are the kind of outfits I have in mind for wedding one;

For my friends wedding later in the year, it should be a cooler temperature weather wise and as we are there all day, I'm feeling a darker colour, that can be worn with heels in the day, flats in the evening and look good but feel comfortable. Again, I love florals, I also love a vintage vibe and as it's after summer I'm thinking less boho and more 50's glamour, with big hair curls and strong makeup. Here's a few ideas for the next wedding;

I can't wait to celebrate our wedding anniversary later this year and we hope to have a big celebration next year to celebrate our first ten years of marriage. Until then, we have the fun of watching some of our closest friends tie the knot this year and we can't wait.

Do you have any weddings coming up this summer?