Thursday, May 23, 2019

Mama Style || How To Stop The Summer Sun Sizzling Your Hair

Mama Style//Collaborative Post

There’s nothing better than when the sun arrives during the summer months. We spend so much time out in the sun during summer, whether enjoying the hot weather in our garden or even in a park. A lot of us also head on holiday during the summer months to make the most of the beautiful weather. While the summer sun offers a lot of benefits for our skin and body, it does have some downfalls when it comes to our hair. 

A lot of people find that the summer sun dries out their hair and causes it to lack in gloss and volume. In fact, people end up having to resort to heading to the hairdresser once summer is over to try to improve their locks. However, there are some ways to help ensure your hair stays in good nick even when out during summer. Here is how to stop the summer sun sizzling your hair. 

Go for products that protect you from UVA/UVB damage 

One of the main problems for our hair in the summer months is that when we spend time outside in the sun, we expose our beautiful locks to the harsh sun rays. If we are out for hours, we are putting our hair at risk of UVA and UVB damage. Both of these can cause damage to your locks and if you dye your hair, it will fade. These harmful rays are also problematic to your scalp and can cause damage which will affect all your hair. 

Therefore, it’s a good idea to get products which will protect you before you head out into the hot weather. You want a good shampoo and conditioner which both offer sunscreen elements. It’s also worth looking at a treatment such as a strengthening treatment which you can get from brands like NUYU. With one of these, it boasts natural sunscreen so you can enjoy the sun without worrying about the damage to your locks. 

Ensure your hair is well moisturised 

When you are out in the sun for hours, you expose your locks to the heat which drains it from its moisture, leaving it feeling dry and dehydrated. Therefore, to make sure you protect your hair, you should ensure it’s well moisturised during the summer to combat to heat. 

You should find a good shampoo which you can use on your hair with a good level of moisture before embracing the hot rays. Getting a bottle of dry shampoo, you can put in your beach bag when you are on your summer holidays is also useful. As Health explains, you can also get a recovery spray which will not only moisturise your hair but will also protect it from the hot sun rays too. Which will give your hair a boost so you aren’t left with dead ends at the end of summer. 

Use hair masks for protection and recovery 

With your hair at risk of becoming brittle and dry, it’s so important to take measures to ensure it remains the healthy hair you love. You can take care of your hair by doing regular hair masks during the summer season. These will work to give your hair the moisture and nourishment it needs during the warmer months. 

Buying ready-made masks that you can use on your hair to take on your holidays is always a good idea. Or even going for your own DIY masks you can make with ingredients from home will work too. A lot of these that you can see on my body and soul will help to prevent sun damage to your hair. If you have damaged your locks in the sunshine, these all offer recovery properties which will bring some life back to your poor hair after the harsh sun rays. 

Remember to wear a hat 

Another easy way you can protect your hair from the harsh sun rays is by wearing a hat when you are out in the summer sun. Not only will it offer your face and neck protection from the UV rays, but it will also offer cover for your delicate locks. As it says on Birchbox, a wide-brimmed hat is an ideal choice. After all, it offers more shade from the harsh sun rays. 

Also remembering to take regular breaks from the sun isn’t just beneficial for your hair’s health but skin too. It’s always a good idea for your hair and skin to stay out of the sunlight between 12-3 which is when the sun is at its hottest.