Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Moji Pops Series One Review


Both my kids love collecting characters and find pure joy in opening a surprise bag or two (or three or 1000...). This week we were sent some new Moji Pops collectibles from Magic Box Toys to review and after seeing these on adverts over Easter many times, they were very very excited when they arrived and I surprised them with a box of goodies!

Moji Pops are in shops from this month, aimed at around 4-6 years of age and are an emotion based collectible toy. Series one is made up of regular every day objects, with emotive faces that can be flipped to reveal another emotion. This makes for fun play, story telling and each face can be used on any of the figures. There's also lots of accessories to support this collection of 90 characters, from pets, food, sport and some ultra rare glitter Moji Pops too. We really loved the little tables, benches and miniature food in the sets, the kids got straight into playing and making up stories.


The selection we were sent to receive were; I Like Play sets (£12 each), Blister Glitter Surprise (£10 each), Story Play sets (£2.50 each), blind bags (90p each). For pocket money buys, the blind bags and story sets are perfectly priced for a weekly treat, party bag extra or smaller gifts for kids. 

Most the collectibles we've had so far have been more Alf's cup of tea, so it was lovely to get these which although they both love, Soph really wants to carry on her collection and discover some more characters from the series. Soph is five soon, so the perfect age for these and loves flipping the faces over and making funny voices.

Soph was delighted to find three glitter Moji Pops in her stash! Her £1 a week will now go on new surprise bags and she has a special box to keep them safe when she's not playing, with any duplicates getting displayed on a shelf in her room. These are lovely little toys and the addition of easily flippable faces make for greater play experiences and imagination.

To keep up with the Moji Pops news and see more from this cute little series, you can follow them on Facebook or Instagram. Would your little ones love these?