Saturday, October 27, 2018

Home Style || Creating Your Perfect Home Living Space

It’s not always easy to have the 'perfect' home for many reasons, but it often comes down to budget and time. Also, you feel like you always have a mortgage or rent to pay, and the bills are just never ending leaving little for anything creative. Not only that, but just when you feel like you’re at your lowest with money and your situation with owning a home, things can and usually will start to go wrong. The boiler might break (check), pipes might burst (check), or your oven might simply stop working (check check check), but you can never truly have a perfect home if you’re always focusing on the negative side of things. What you can do though, is make the interior design of your home amazing, and you can feel like the home itself is perfect to you and your family. Just like people, your home is always going to have flaws, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop looking for the best in it and working with what you have. I thought I'd focus on a few different aspects of the home, and show how you can make it perfect in its own unique way.

A Splash Of Colour

Sometimes, all your home is going to be lacking is a bit of colour. Some homes suit the monotone look, but some really do need a bit of colour just to brighten the place up and add a little personality. If you feel as though you’re coming home to a dull vibe and you don’t feel like there is any life in the home, then you may just need to add some colour. Some homes can feel over the top on the colour front, so the simple solution is to use subtle colours when needed, again working with your space and home requirements. As winter is coming soon, it’s a good time to opt for warmer softer colours, where as summer time may benefit from bright whites and tropical hues. You can also just feature colours with accessories such as pillows, candles and throws for the sofa and the bed. Really simple little colour changes can go a long way in your home.

That Homely Feel

It might just be that your home really is lacking that homely feel that we all know and love. You always think that once you decorate your own home and try to make it your own, that you will immediately fit into it and it will feel instantly cosy, but this isn't always the case. One of the best ways you can add that homely feel to your living spaces is to put a nice photo frame up in the living room with different family photos. Large multi space frames with some family favourites can look great and make you smile when you walk into a room. For some great ideas on adding a comfortable feel to your home, have a look at Pinterest for some inspiration with hundreds, if not thousands of examples of beautiful interior home design that you can draw ideas from. Tailoring the ideas you collect to suit your own home can be a great place to start as it's not always easy to picture the end result before getting there.

A Family Vibe

If you currently live on your own then a family vibe definitely isn’t for you, but you could still incorporate meaningful objects and pictures of special people, family and your own adventures. If  you do live in a family home though, it's important to create a family vibe that's special for you and your family for optimum comfort and happiness in your own four walls. Your home should be a hub for socialisation, so try to create that family vibe, focusing mainly on the living room, kitchen and more social areas first. Display special art work creatively, hang photos, certificates, add shelves for special treasures from your travels and make your home a true refection of you and your lives that will make you feel happy and calm while you're home.

Cool Features

If your home doesn’t have many 'cool' features, then it's never too late to get started. One cool feature that I think all modern homes should be starting to embrace is a home automation system. These allow you to control your home from your phone or different control centres throughout the home. You can control things such as the heating, the TV, the surround sound or even security systems. This is really cool if you’re looking to add a bit of new up to date tech into your home that can also really help with the running of your home. Another feature that can be a HUGELY beneficial addition to any family home is an outhouse of some kind. These are really good for creating a space that’s out of the home, a little more private for grown ups or teens craving independence, and a lot more affordable than adding real space to your home with extensions or conservatories. If you work from home, it could become a new home office, an art studio, or simply just a place for kids or grown ups to escape to for some much needed quiet time. There are so many new products out there for the home that can really help create the perfect modern family home, as well as earning you a few brownie points from the teens.

If you feel like you want to start creating your perfect home, hopefully this will help get you started.

*Collaborative post