August 31, 2019

Life || August

August has been so lovely and as we approach the last few days of the summer holidays I'm left wondering where on earth the last six weeks have gone! We've had such a good time, with loads of cosy PJ days (kids request!) and lots of exploring and as always I've loved having the kids home. Next week we'll both be back at work and school and I am really not ready. Soph is desperate to get back to school in year one and Alf is heading into year three, though not so keen on the idea of giving up his easy home days and our time together, it's going to be a hard week. I'm excited to get back to work and as I'm at their school it should make the transition from holidays a bit easier as I'll get to see them more in the day than normal. 

I've been enjoying a little more creative time and lots of self care over summer and made some new illustrations for my Etsy store. I'll soon be getting ready for the Christmas season by preparing lots of prints and other items that I can hopefully sell at some fayres. Blog wise, I've had a pretty quiet month again as it's been hard to juggle all day fun with the kids and working, but I have kept things going and look forward to catching up a little more next month with less late nights.

Looking to September, I want to make the most of the last couple of days of freedom before we head back to school and work, enjoying our lazy mornings, cuddles on the sofa and having fun. Then it's getting stuck into the Autumn term and making plans for winter!


Wearing - I've felt better with clothes this month as we've had such a chilled time it's been all about the comfort and feeling good. I'm still working on my weight, but investing in a few new bits that fit right now so I don't have the daily reminder that everything is too small now. I've also been wearing a little more colour and some fun patterns. I've loved wearing all my huge sunglasses and tried out a few new things with my hair, trying partial up dos and embracing all the bandannas, I even got a few new ones for my collection. I've managed to keep up with my skincare routine quite well, though I keep getting breakouts around my period time which is frustrating. My hair is still in transition as I grow out the bleached dry ends and it's really hard not reaching for a bleaching, but I really hope it's going to be worth it as it's very slowly feeling in better condition. My makeup has stayed the same, with the variation of a few different lip shades and more makeup free days when it's been warm or we've gone to the beach.

Food & Drink - We've had barbecues at least every other day and although I'm starting to feel a bit done with them, we've really enjoyed them. This year it's been more chicken skewers than burgers and we've eaten a tonne of salad! We all love cucumber and carrot so those and hummus are a regular at the table.

Watched - I've been watching the new series of 13 Reasons which is not off to a good start but we'll see how it goes. I've also been glued to Eastenders with all the current storylines, it's always been my guilty pleasure!

Disliked - The thing I've disliked most in August has been being skint. The school holidays don't have to cost a fortune but it would have been nice to do more things and get out exploring a little more.

Loved - In August it's been all about having my babies home, no school runs and lots of home time together! just what the doctor ordered.

Most popular blog post - My most read/shared posts published in August were;

Favourite Photo - This was my favourite photo from August, our garden has been packed with butterflies and bugs since planting lots of new flowers and plants this year and this one was my favourite photo, I love their little face!

So that was August for me, how was yours? 

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