April 18, 2020

Home Style || Summer Garden Lust List 2020

Like everyone, our garden has become a real hub just lately as the main source of our outside time. Although we are hugely privileged to have a garden at all, we do have just a small 4m X 4m concrete courtyard, so it is very limited on space and options, especially with two small children that love being outdoors. At the moment we are all house bound with the dreaded Covid lurking outside, so we've been working hard on our garden to keep everything growing nicely, get the pond in working order and make it a nicer place to sit, cook and play.

If venturing out to shops and money were no option, there are a few things I would love to get to make our garden spruced up nicely, here's a few from our current wish list for us all and a few bits for the kids too...

1. Mustard topped pot | 2. Wire garden table | 3. Box planters | 4. Cement planter | 5. Fish wall sculpture | 6. Garden mirror | 7. String garden sofa | 8. Striped deck chair | 9. Outdoor candles | 10. Sail shade

One thing we're really lacking is seating and I'd love to get a little bench for the patio like the string one above that can stay out in all weather. I've also always wanted a classic blue striped deck chair to remind me of my Brighton days and a sail shade to keep us cool from the sun. A large garden mirror and wall art to add some texture and fun to the boring brick walls along side some gorgeous new planters and pots full of lovely flowers. A small table with some garden candles and it will be perfect!

1. Little gardener greenhouse | 2. Wooden skittles | 3. Small greenhouse | 4. Bug hotel | 5. Fairy garden | 6. Rainbow veg | 7. Sunflower kit | 8. Beanbag chairs | 9. Giant Tumbler

For the kids I'd love for them to come and sit in the garden more, have some more things to keep them busy like garden games and their own plants to care for. The kids have some simple pots on the go right now, but they've always wanted a fairy garden and I think growing their own flowers and food would be even better. Although we have a small bug house, a larger hotel version would be great to keep an eye on nature, with a couple of his n hers bean bags to relax on in the sunshine.

What would be on your summer garden lust list this year?

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