April 25, 2020

Mama Life || After Five Weeks Of 'Home School'

Having time off for Easter was so blooming lovely, but the return to our new norm in lock down, not so much. By 9 am both kids were crying, the thought of 'school work' and I use that term loosely on this occasion, was just too much for their sweet little heads to cope with. So we said we'd start at ten and relax for a bit. 10 am and both kids are in tears. 11 am start it is then I thoughT, and of course come 11, more tears. I decide to plow on through, we were only going to be doing a light bit of work to get back in the swing of things so a little task each before lunch and jobs a good'n. We had a break for lunch then more tears, then another hour of work (and when I say work it's honestly not taxing at all, crosswords, word searches, drawing for their school topics) and then I called it a day because the battle was just not worth it and as always, tomorow is another day! As the week went on it did get better, the kids soon realised that they would be doing a bit of work regardless of how much they didn't want to and I think they did really enjoy some of it, though I'm sure they wouldn't admit it. I also had my birthday which was nice, strange and quiet! As the time goes on I'm finding this a lot easier, especially the school work side of things. The kids school has loads of good resources on their site thankfully, so I can kind of keep them on track with what they'd be doing in school, and have a quick Google for the things I've forgotten from school myself! Here's a little from this week. 

Firstly, my birthday! A rather odd one in lock down turning 36, but pretty lovely as in the normal way we'd have been at work and school so the fact we all got to be together made it worthwhile. I got some lovely gifts from the family and some beautiful cards. Adam and the kids made me a cake and used up some old candles (85!!!) I think to represent the age I feel right now! We had lots of yummy cake and takeaway pizza for tea, a gorgeous day with my favourites.

The kids got creative making lovely pictures for the old people's home our neighbour works at. We also had yet more cake making some retro school dinner style sponge cake which was so easy and ridiculously yummy! We had lots of fun playing on TikTok which I still maintain I am far too old for but it's very addictive!

Adam's been enjoying having more time to play with recipes so we've had some amazing food! The BBQ has been out a few times, I've been getting the kids to help more making food as they really enjoy it too. The best was a chicken jambalaya and cheesy pesto chicken! Barbecued veg is one of my favourites too especially mushrooms!

This week I added some more cards to Thortful which I really love and our mystery letter writer came back with some more yummy treats for the kids and a lovely letter! These have been such a lovely highlight of lock down so far.

We did a fun science experiment growing crystals, with some success! This was a kit Alf's had for a few years that we kept meaning to do, so were pleased to finally do it. Next time we'll probably add less water, but they are so cool!

We got stuck into some school work, writing and catching up with their topics. Although they have days where they aren't keen at all, we do seem to have the hang of it now and I have a much better idea of what I'm doing!

How has your week been?

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