April 18, 2020

Mama Life || After Four Weeks Of 'Home School'

This would have been our holiday in Devon week, so I must admit I've had a few down days. I've tried really hard to stay positive and we've had some lovely moments, but I can't help feeling a little sorry for us that we aren't by the sea when we've looked forward to it for so long, but I know we are lucky as we are too. We've made up for it though and kept busy, the house looks like a bombs hit it but our hearts are pretty full which is what's important. Having a second week 'off' from school type duties, we've pretty much lived the same life as our cats and really enjoyed it. Here's a demonstration from them this week;

We've had some gorgeous sunny days and with the absence of the sea, I quickly Amazon Primed a pool for the garden and the kids spent a whole day playing, splashing, floating and just having the best time. Best purchase ever. We had a beach ball and rubber rings from last summer, so it's the closest thing to the sea we'll get this Easter, but still lovely.

Something really lovely happened though this week which was such a nice surprise. A lady locally has made thousands of bags for kids in the city to give them a smile and keep them busy. I never thought we'd get any because her list was endless, but she hand delivered them one day and it was a day I felt down so really really made me smile! Someone being so selfless and kind, making, stitching and delivering these is just so nice.

Adam's been off a bit more this week which has really helped as it's given me a little more freedom and extra help to keep the kids busy. As it was his birthday too, the kids made lots of decorations, cards and decorated some balloons that we luckily had stashed away!

We've been having BBQs on the sunnier days and some really beautiful food! We tucked into the cake we'd made for Adams birthday which was coffee and chocolate, and really really yummy! As they've just announced a further three weeks of lock down, we're settling in for a longer stay at home and I must admit although I've had a few odd moments, it's going to be really strange going back to work and school again after all this! I really think that as long as none of us get poorly, we will look back on this time pretty fondly.

How has your week been?

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