April 28, 2020

Mama Life || Wish List Trend & Feeling Uneasy

When I first saw a post from a fellow blogger about the Amazon wish lists I thought what a great idea, I even replied to a tweet with my own list because I thought what a lovely thought, gifting in a time like this. The more I see though, the more uneasy I feel and I haven't posted my list again since and won't be doing so. I do have my list on my Linktree to be fair, but it's hidden away and won't be shared otherwise and filled with items to help keep us busy, sane and help with our work. We also have two birthdays in our house this month so it's not entirely selfish, though still feels it! I have absolutely no qualms with anyone else doing this generally though and if it helps them right now with all that life is throwing at us, then that's all good. What I do see though is the slight sense of greed, the potential for scams, people giving and not receiving and more likely the reams of people receiving but not giving. I See the same names over and over sharing their lists, do they really need it all?

There's Facebook groups for this now, endless posts on my feed on all social media channels and lots of X Factor worthy sob stories, followed by the inevitable wish lists packed with treats, some costing hundreds of pounds. The whole thing has just started to make me feel a little uneasy and I'm not sure I like it. 

I've just seen a post about people adding sex toys to their wish lists too and that finally tipped the whole thing for me as there is no need, especially to share this publicly. Having a list in general is great, your friends and family may want to cheer you up or have some idea what you'd like for special occasions, so I will still have one in place especially for the kids and their home learning, but this constant stream of lists bombarding me today more than ever is too much. Someone posts a sob story, then a wish list link, someone replies 'sorry to hear that hun' followed by their own wish list. People saying they've just been paid, send me your links is lovely and really kind especially when they ask for nothing in return, but most of what I'm seeing is the same types of people, with lists of indulgence that may make them feel good for a bit but won't help their lives. Some people though have arts and craft supplies, health products and things that will help in the situation right now so that seems better, as those that are struggling can get a helping hand and that's really what this should be about.

Having seen a list yesterday with about 20 LOL dolls on, I'm convinced that people are just filling their lists with crap in the hope and greed that people will fulfil their 'wishes' and share their pennies. Though some are clearly doing this out of kindness in a time where having money doesn't mean what it normally does, most seem to just be in it for a quick freebie, pure personal gain and materialistic gluttony and that makes me sad. People are sharing screen shots of their sent orders too which I cynically imagine are just their previous orders, not things they've sent in exchange for gifts on those groups. Maybe I'm just too negative and untrusting of people, or maybe I am right, who knows.

All I do know is that the whole thing is making me feel really uncomfortable, it seems greedy and potentially damaging to a lot of friendships with the difference in value of items being sent or even none at all. If you do see a list and want to gift, I'd just be careful who it is, why they are pedalling their story and what sort of gifts they are asking for. I'd buy gifts that help get through this time, improve health, entertain kids, give people a hobby, make them comfortable, but not needless tat that people just don't need. Self care products are ace, a champagne glass set not so much! I also love the idea of surprise gifts in the post, but this is all so engineered it makes me a little sick. I'd also love to surprise others with some gifts, but I just don't want to be asked for it if you know what I mean? I do however think this could be a great way of people getting help without feeling like a charity case and of course for struggling charities for animals and the homeless, schools etc to keep afloat during these strange times. Am I just a grump?

How do you feel about the Amazon wish lists going around, can you change my mind?

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