April 11, 2020

Mama Life || After Three Weeks Of 'Home School'

As this week should have been the first week of the school holidays, we decided to have some more relaxed days, no morning reading quizzes, extra writing and maths, no set times for the day or work for them to do unless they got bored and needed something to do. We played in the beautiful sunshine, we made lots of art and got creative making pretty things for the house. As it's the run up to Easter, I decide to do a few mini Easter egg hunts in the week to keep them busy and they absolutely loved it! 

In the garden we got out some buckets to play with water, the teepee for some shade and an umbrella for more shade that obviously just got turned into a shield and teepee door!

Each evening after tea I hid some mini eggs in our little garden for them to find, with some 'bunny tails' for bigger prizes like larger eggs or bubbles, thank god I had such a stash put away!!

We made some stain glass windows for the conservatory to let some colour into the kitchen and they turned out really well, kept the kids busy and it's one they really liked doing too. 

We started making some cardboard faces, all glued and drying ready for painting next week. I love them so much especially Alf's French man!

We've had a really lovely week this week, I've had the odd wobble but the kids have adapted to lock down so well and seem really happy. Soph has face time with her friends a few times a week, Alf shouts at his friends playing Fortnite, so I don't think they feel too secluded and seem to love just chilling around at home!

How has your week been?

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