April 01, 2020

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After releasing my colouring book in February I've had so many lovely comments and feedback for it, as well as lots of people posting pictures of their colouring on socials. I've shared some of these on Instagram already, so if you follow me there you may have noticed some, but if you're not following me - please do!  It's so nice seeing my pictures coloured in different ways, seeing how different people interpret my hand drawn shapes and animals to make them their own has been really fun. 

With all the craziness going on in the world right now, getting creative has been a great way for me to keep busy, express myself and make sure I keep my sanity by doing something I enjoy. As the kids have been at home it's given me chance to do some painting and get stuck into crafting with them again more often too. Now they are a little older, it's so much less stressful and I've genuinely really enjoyed it! 

Sophie has loved painting particularly, more than ever and we've had some really lovely afternoons together while Alfie plays his games and Adam works. I'm running low on paper supplies now, but determined to keep us painting whether it's on sticks we find in the park, old boxes, anything. It's such a good way for us to spend time together, whilst relaxing, creating and having fun. Alfie loves painting too, but doesn't like to sit for long before he's off onto the next thing! Here's a little of what else I've been up to in March, with new listings on my Etsy site and working on my second book!

New Etsy prints

Although I don't want to be heading to the post office much right now, it is situated in our local shop so for now I haven't closed my Etsy store while all this is going on. Right now people are shopping at home more and more and small businesses like mine really need to keep going if we can. Here's a few new prints...

I've also started work on my second book, I don't want to share too much before it's out, but the illustrating is going well and I think I'm probably half way through. I've been without a laptop the past couple of weeks, so now I can really get stuck in while the kids are busy working or playing at home. I really want to get this one out before Christmas, but I'm secretly hoping it'll be more like June time, so the books are one year apart!

Have you been up to anything fun and creative recently?

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