April 01, 2020

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Needless to say March has been an odd month, as I'm sure it has been for everyone. With the arrival of Covid 19 earlier this year and now being on lock down, the past few weeks have been strange, scary, confusing and I've been up and down emotionally like a yoyo! As I'm safe at home with my family, so many people are out working hard doing their part in this, for however long it will last and I'm very grateful. It's a weird feeling of calmness at home, followed by sudden terror remembering what's going on outside when we hear of another death. I'm so thankful we can all be together as with so many families separated right now for various reasons, I just don't think I could cope with that. 

The kids have been home and we've been trying our best to keep positive and retain some kind of very loose routine to keep us motivated. I've been enjoying coming up with work ideas for them to keep their brains ticking and we've spent loads of time snuggling watching films and remembering what's important. Although I have been giving the kids work to do, we've had the odd day, morning or afternoon where we just feel too tired or unmotivated, so in times like that we do what we need to to get by, so far it's going really well. 

Blog wise I've had a little more time this week to write which has been nice and I feel like I have my mojo back a little with it still. I'm still keen to change the layout/theme but I think for now I'll just keep life easy and leave it be. I am trying to add more colour though to make it a little nicer to look at. As well as my blog I have been working on my second kids book and some new Etsy prints. I've noticed most my orders come via Instagram so I'm still working on improving my efforts there. As awful as it sounds, life feels quite lovely at the moment as long as we stay indoors, we're safe and together. I get so much anxiety about leaving the kids and Adam driving to work, so it's a relief not to have that or the stress of having to be anywhere on time. Here's a little more about March other than freaking out about the virus and hiding at home!

Wearing - Despite being in lock down the past couple of weeks, I've tried hard to still get fresh and dressed each morning, though maybe a lot later than normal! I've been enjoying my super comfy dungarees, massive sunglasses and more and more bandannas as you can see. Between that I've been rocking the hoodies, PJs and all things comfy, but really trying to still feel myself as much as I can. I also dyed my hair with my old pink dye I found in the cupboard (bottom middle) and although it looked OK up, when I had it down it looked a little too emo to me, so I gave it a couple of good scrub washes with head and shoulders and it's nearly back to normal now. Sophie has really started to want us to wear the same some days so I'm embracing her excitement and she's loving it, she's also loving my makeup bag!

Food & Drink - I was doing OK up until lock down and then for some reason I just feel like I want to eat everything in sight! Not ideal when we can't get out to shops and we're all getting pretty much no exercise. So for the last few days I've tried to stop the Christmas eating and be a little less greedy with it all. The longer food lasts, the less we have to go out, so it's a good motivator not to over eat! Also as the family is home full time I don't have the option to binge which has been really hard but will do me so much good in the long run.

Watched - We've watched some great shows this month, mainly Homeland which we are up to season five, catching up with RU Paul's drag race, In Her Shoes on BBC and everything on Disney plus! I wasn't sure how good the Disney app would be but we got a free account from a relative and it's bloody brilliant! There are so many films and series to get stuck into and it's the perfect time for another source of TV goodies.

Disliked - Although I'm enjoying my time cooped up at home safe, I hate everything that's going on in the world and how selfish people are being. The people clearing the shelves bulk buying in a panic was bad enough, but nowhere near as frustrating as the ones now out partying and visiting each other, hanging out in groups and hitting the seaside when we are all meant to be staying at home to stop the virus spreading! Staying home can literally save lives and yet still they go out.

Loved - As with anything bad, there's always good things in the world. Right now it's the people going to work to look after us all, the people making the best of the situation video calling friends and family, having virtual meetups, collecting food for those in need and helping each other out. It feels like a community but world wide and that's so nice to see.

Most popular blog post - My most read/shared posts published in March were;

Favourite Photo - A favourite from March. With all the chaos going on, having a little walk together once a day feels so special and I love how amazing the kids are being in this time. 

So that was March for me, how was yours? 

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