April 30, 2020

Mama Life || Life In April

Needless to say April has been another strange month, with ups and downs being at home in lock down. I've had days where I just want to cry and days where I've felt happier than ever, it's such a strange time. The kids have been really great so far, even still. They seem to be getting on really well, their school work has been pretty good and I think we've covered everything we need to so far. I'm getting in the swing of things now and can't even imagine 'normal life' now. Me and Adam both had our birthdays in April which were pretty lovely, no pressure to go anywhere and lots of cake. The kids made us cards, we had gifts delivered and just enjoyed ourselves at home all together.

I've not been quite so creative this month but I am getting more time to be arty which has been really nice and getting out with my camera on our walks. I've added lots of new bits to my Etsy store too. Blog wise I've been pretty quiet because I'm not feeling overly inspired right now, but I have some plans for May, so will hopefully be posting a little more. Here's a little more from April...

Wearing - Seeing as we've been at home 99.9% of the time, I've not exactly been adventurous with clothing outside of PJs! My hair is mostly up in a bun and I wear all the cosy clothes. I have been going makeup free most the time, but do really love to get spruced up some days as it cheers me up a little. 

Food & Drink - We've had loads of BBQs which has been amazing and we've been making some yummy cakes, mainly simple school pudding style sponge cake which the kids can make by themselves and it's really tasty.

Watched - We've watched all of Homeland now and really enjoyed it, I wish there was some more to watch though! I've watched the Forgotten on Netflix as they've just made a new series which was great, as well as series two of The Afterlife. I feel like I've nearly watched everything over the past few weeks!

Disliked - The main thing I've hated this month is seeing people bicker online. If there's any time to be nice surely it's now?

Loved - I've really loved the community spirit and the people that have been helpful and kind. This is a really good time to get a good read of people and it can be quite interesting.

Most popular blog post - My most read/shared posts published in April were;

Favourite Photo - A favourite from April, I think it speaks for itself!

So that was April for me, how was yours? 

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