April 02, 2020

Mama Life || 5 More Binge Worthy TV Series

With many people stuck in isolation right now, I thought it would be the perfect time to share another five series worth binge watching to keep ourselves entertained (and sane) while in lock down. I should say firstly that I was had drafted this with 'Last man on earth' (Amazon) on the list, but being about a deadly virus clearing most of humanity, I figured it was not a good one for any of us to be watching, so I'll add this to a future list! Here's another five good watches though...

Real love (Prime)

A series of love stories with one fresh story every episode and a brilliant end episode which I won't spoil. Just a really lovely take on modern love, relationships and different forms of love. There's parts on first loves, same sex marriage, adoption, mental health and old love, it's just lovely and a super easy watch.

When they see us (Netflix)

A series based on a true story in 80s America that will make you cry. This was an utterly brilliant watch but very disturbing and upsetting at the same time. A brutal insight into racism, police brutality and a corrupt justice system. Really well cast and well written, just so sad it was all based on truths.

Ru Pauls drag race (Netflix)

I've dabbled with this series a few times but if you're yet to watch it, now is the perfect time. There are about ten series to catch up on and I just find it so uplifting, happy and inspiring, even when they are being bitchy. If you've not seen it, it's a project runway style show with drag queens, new themes every week and entertainment throughout from the master of drag, Ru Paul. If you want a happy easy watch, then this is just the ticket.

Homeland (Netflix)

This is an oldie but a goodie and one I've only just discovered. There are a whopping seven series to watch and it's really good. This one is based on the CIA in the U.S, capturing terrorists with a love story at the core and an insight to family dynamics and lives for armed forces workers. This is one worth staying up late for and it's really really addictive! Worth a watch if you like a bit of drama and crime. We're only up to series four so far but so far so good.

The Detectorists (iPlayer BBC)

An unexpected gem found on the iPlayer. I don't know why but I hadn't even heard about this before and we've really enjoyed it. A British comedy all about a group of metal detectorists which admittedly sounds trash but it's so good and well worth a good old binge watch! You'll just have to try an episode to see if it's for you because I can't explain why it's so good, it just is!

Seeing as we're in lock down, I'll keep these coming. Feel free to chuck any viewing suggestions my way! What are you watching currently?

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