Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Mama Life || Creating Relationships Safely Through Gaming

Mama Life - Collaborative Post

Like it or loathe it, gaming is a HUGE deal right now and it's certainly not just for kids! Plenty of adults love unwinding with their controller, battling it out or exploring new worlds with friends, solo or with total strangers. Gaming is a great way to socialise with friends, especially in lock down when we can't be together, and it's also a really really good way to meet new friends and potential love interests.

The online dating world is big business, but it's a real pool of different people, so it's good sometimes to narrow your searches down with more specialist sites, to find people with similar interests and passions.

The best thing about meeting new people gaming is that you instantly have something in common, you instantly have something to talk about and can maybe even tell a lot about the kind of person they are by the type of games they prefer and how they conduct themselves whilst playing. You may not be a gamer yourself even and are interested in someone who is an active gamer, there are lots of gamer girls and boys out there and quite often it's totally misunderstood, so I thought I'd share some tips on meeting other gamers as well as dating a gamer!

With gaming shops and cafes mostly closed at the moment, an online gaming date is the perfect solution right now, with many of us trying to stay safe at home. Meeting online in a gaming world can be a lot of fun and a really good ice breaker too if you're just starting out, just remember to never give out personal information until you're as near to 100% sure that it's safe to do so. By finding love gaming, you're going to meet someone that fly's their inner geek flag too, with no judgement about what you play or why you play it. This is a big deal and can help with that initial connection and save kissing a lot of frogs! If and when you can get to a gaming shop or cafe though, this can be a really fun way of meeting someone too as you then get to tick more boxes straight away.

By playing in a group MMO you can meet people in a more laid back way, with other gamers playing roles and creatively tackling your ventures together. It may be a good idea to look on forums or social media pages too for advice and people looking for team mates, especially if you're just starting out.

Social media pages and groups relating to the games you love are an amazing way to meet people as you can check out their profile as well as knowing you already have this mutual game love in common. This is beneficial if you find the idea of finding someone and getting to know them in game a little daunting. You could also use a specialist dating site for Gamers Dates gamer dating to make sure you are meeting those people in a safe secure environment, set up exclusively for matching likely candidates with similar interests in the right areas and age groups.

Once you've met a gamer you enjoy chatting to and are ready for real life dates (maybe more so when the world is less chaotic!), then you could venture to a gaming or comic convention, where you can both meet your heroes, buy some awesome merch and hang out with like minded folk in an environment you're both happy in. You could also head to a 'barcade' for a drink and game for a laid back date. Meeting in public is always a good idea for those early dates, but for now we may have to settle in for some good online gaming, chat and getting to know each other virtually for a little longer.

If you're interested in someone who is an avid gamer, but don't particularly divulge in it yourself, then you may find the whole thing a bit strange, but remember it's not a kids thing, it's a perfectly valid adult activity that is super popular and played by nearly as many women as men nowadays. Respect their passion and listen, find out what they enjoy about it, give them time to play and most importantly bring them snacks, you will be the best partner ever and score some serious boyfriend/girlfriend points too. It's good to show an interest, join in if it takes your fancy and allow them their interests as you enjoy your own. In opposition, you may be an active gamer looking to date a non gamer, and don't worry - this can work! If gaming is your life, that's great, it's amazing to have a passion, but be conscious of how much you do it and talk about it so that there's a good balance. That said, you should never have to give up your hobby or decrease it too much as the right person will make things work out whatever your habits. You can find other common interests though and make sure you focus on these too, especially in the early stages of dating, to see if you're a good match. 

As someone that dabbles in gaming, I think it's a great way to meet people, it instantly gives you date ideas and things in common or even just new friends. There's also the big wide web now to help us meet people in our niche, so whoever you are, there is a match for you out there!