Friday, December 11, 2020

Create || My Top 5 Best Selling Cards On Thortful So Far

If you follow me regularly, you may know that earlier this year I started designing cards for Thortful, which has been an amazing opportunity and learning curve too. If you don't know, Thortful have thousands of cards designed by a variety of designers in many different styles and they then send out with chosen texts to the recipient, or you can have them sent directly to you to hand write or just keep in stock for future card giving occasions.

I wasn't sure how well my art work would do as although I obviously like it, I know it isn't always a mainstream style, so needless to say when the sales started rolling in, I was made up to see the numbers increase and see that the cards I'd spent time designing were being enjoyed by other people too. I love people buying my art, but there's something special about people choosing your card design too, when there's thousands to choose from out there!

So I thought I'd share my top five best selling cards, in order. Number one has sold thousands which has blown me away! I think I was lucky with timing as it did so well for Father's day, but is still being purchased for birthdays through the year. The next two are in the hundreds but selling regularly and the others are creeping up to. I still pinch myself that my art is selling! To see my full range of cards currently, please check out my Thortful profile by clicking here. You can also click here for a discount code! 






And just for fun here are a few of my other designs! All available now on my profile, link at the top of this post for discount and direct store link...