Sunday, December 13, 2020

Create || This Years Top 6 Home Christmas Crafts

This year has seen people get more creative than ever, with a little more time at home and the kids around more, it's made some of us get creative to keep busy. With Christmas coming along soon, people have got stuck into their festive crafting and I've seen heaps of ideas shared on Facebook groups, some are amazing, some funny and some, well, interesting! Here's 6 that I've seen again and again recently, have you tried any of these?

Wreath making with a difference

I love that this year people have embraced wreath making into their Christmas crafts. Although there are always people making them, it seems so popular this year, with people wanting to add that  personal touch, make their wreath special to them or just plain beautiful. I myself made a pom pom wreath this year which I think with a bit of practise will become a new shop addition for 2021 as they are so much fun, but I've also seen toilet roll wreaths, eucalyptus wreaths (adore!), as well as gorgeous traditional ones with sprigs of holly, berries, cinnamon and baked orange slices. All topped off of course with a tartan ribbon for good measure!

Making a 'unique' Christmas tree

In true Covid spirit we've seen toilet roll stack trees with fairy bottle toppers! On e slightly more aesthetic note, there's been trees made from pallets, a tree with cat beds on and less traditional plants used to celebrate, such as cacti. My favourites I've seen are made from stacked driftwood and recycled fallen branches, sprayed one colour and decorated beautifully. I've also seen an influx of space saver tree ideas, such as tree wall stickers and felt trees that hang on the wall.

Playing with nature & natural materials

With an even greater love of the outdoors after our lock down time this year, I have seen many more crafty creations made from natural materials, utilising foliage from home gardens, collecting pine cones and other fallen treasures to create something unique and personal.

Resin gifts & decorations

There's been a lot of love for resin crafts all year, so it's come as no surprise that for Christmas decorations and gifts, there's been lots of resin designs including glitter, gold leaf and pressed flowers - gorgeous! Gifts wise, people have been experimenting with coasters, trays and cake stands and they really look great.

All things Gonk!

These cute bearded fellows originate from Scandinavian folklore and this year they are big news here in the UK. People have been creating their own gonks in different colours, making tree decoration versions as well as great big garden ones. 

Giant garden baubles

After one of the big stores advertised a giant garden bauble for a mere £300, people got to creating their own budget version. We've seen a lot of giant balls pop up this week! Mainly made using inflatable gym balls with something silver on top as the hanger. The only problem I think will be these blowing away in the wind, but they do look very cool. If you don't fancy making one, there are plenty of small businesses making them to sell!