Monday, December 14, 2020

Home Style || Setting Up the Perfect Home Office

Home style - Collaborative post

Working from home isn’t a new phenomenon, but it has certainly seen a rise since the coronavirus pandemic. Many employers have discovered that their staff work perfectly well from home and have taken the decision to save money and close their offices completely. As a result, many of us have had to build makeshift home offices, which has proven trickier than first expected. Sitting on the sofa with a laptop may have worked as a temporary measure, but if you plan to be working from home long-term, there are some important things to consider. 

First of all, try and find a way to separate your working environment from the rest of your home so that you can maintain a work-life balance and switch-off during your personal time. Perhaps a spare room will suffice if you don’t have a study in your home. Alternatively, you may want to consider using the space under your stairs, as this is often a wasted opportunity in many homes. Regardless, your home office should be quiet, well-lit and only used by those who need it so that you can ensure concentration. 

Make sure your home office is equipped with suitable furniture. Your chair and desk need to be an appropriate height so that you’re neither hunched over, nor bending your arms in an unnatural way. Without the right ergonomics, you will likely struggle with aches and pains, and even serious problems like repetitive strain injury.

As well as the furniture, think about the technology. You’ll need decent broadband to ensure your connectivity is up to speed and perhaps a work phone so that you don’t have to claim expenses back on your personal phone. What’s more, consider whether or not you’re going to need to print. Your employer should be able to provide all of the correct technology for you so that you can work effectively from home.