Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Mama Life || Why Life Insurance Is So Important For Us

Mama Life - Collaborative Post

It truly is horrible to think about, but the fact is we never know what life is going to throw at us from one day to the next. Quite literally anything could happen at any time and it's scary enough, but even more so when you become a parent. I think before we become parents, we don't really think about things like life insurance as it's just yet another bill to pay each month and in all honesty, we don't really care what happens at that point with what we leave behind, as we wont be there to worry about it. As we get older though, we see more value in things like insurance for our own goods in the home, to protect our 'stuff', we don't drive cars without it, yet when it comes to ourselves, many people don't have life insurance in place. When we have children that depend on us though, it really is a good idea to look into taking out some kind of life insurance, so that if the worst was to happen, that they would at least not have the worry of money on top of everything else.

Having the right insurance in place means that for your children, any ongoing payments such as mortgages bills and debts that you have to upkeep can be dealt with without worry for them, or the people caring for them, as well as keeping a roof over their head for as long as they need it. It's not a nice thought at all, but the truth is we don't know what's going to happen, and I think 2020 has really shown us how things can change no matter who we are, how healthy we are or what age we are. The Covid nightmare has made a lot of us think harder about the reality of something happening to us and what would become of our families, but it could really happen any time so this awakening isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Life insurance isn't just to protect our children's future though, but also our partners or loved ones. If one parent was to die suddenly, the last thing the remaining parent needs is to worry about money, when they should only have to be focusing on coping with their grief and comforting the kids. Having something in place however hard it is to think about, would provide a huge relief in the event of something tragic happening, and it's all about having things in place even if we never have to fall back on them, which hopefully we never will!

Many people take out life insurance when they buy their home and it's important to make sure it's kept up to date and that any new changes are incorporated into your plan. There are lots of sites out there to help you find the best policy and company to go with, to find a plan that meets your needs both right now financially and if anything ever happened in the future.

When looking for the right cover for you and your family, think about what you earn and how much payout you or your family would need to be free from worry for a while. Taking monthly costs of the policy into account, think about what you can easily afford now, to bank a little security for later on. We all hate thinking about this stuff, we all hate reading about this stuff, but it really is important. If you're a parent too, it's definitely something I'd recommend looking into as we never know what's round the corner and making things a little easier for our children or partner if the worst should happen is key.

Do you have life insurance for your family?