Saturday, June 01, 2019

Homes In The Sun: Comparing Malaysia To The South Of France

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For those of us that love the sun more than anything else, living in a home where there is plenty of sunshine is a dream come true. Unfortunately, not every part of the world offers this same kind of thrill and enjoyment. There are only a few places in the world where you can live in a modern home and still be in a sunny and warm climate. Many of the nations that do enjoy hot weather are developing economies which don’t have the kinds of modern properties that you would wish to buy or invest in. Your location options might be limited but by no means are they limited in style, price, type and practicality. There are parts of East Asia that really do offer something that Westerners like us would love. The modern decor, the contemporary styling and the lifestyle options that these homes offer is worth the trip and even worth moving abroad for. But what kind of home in the sun would you be more attracted to?

The hidden coastline

The Mediterranean coastline is by far the most attractive and popular destination for those that wish to buy a home in the sun. It's not just the mesmerising blue waters, the shimmering sun, the amazing food or even the location that is going to make you wish you were here, but the style of homes to. Actually, they’re not called homes, they are in fact villas. Italian, Greek and Spanish villas are the most popular in the world. Millionaires and billionaires fly thousands of miles just to buy up a newly built villa to enjoy. However, there’s one coastline that has been somewhat hidden from this kind of market. The South of France is a region which is very much like it's national neighbours in the fact that, it's very hot, sunny and the water is great. 

Villas in the South of France are going to be pricey as it is France after all and the coastlines are very built up. The infrastructure quality means there will always be many people that live in the local area of the villas and thus the amenities are going to add to the price. The main cities should you look in are Nice, Marseille, Cannes and Bordeaux. The average price for a villa is going to be around £400,000+. Homes however will be around £250,000 on average. The villas are highly developed, so you can expect large terraces, gardens, swimming pools and garages.

The best bang for buck

The South of France is phenomenal, so much luxury and opulence. However the prices reflect this and for some that want more bang for buck, they might need to look toward Malaysia. This nation is competing with Singapore when it comes to making some of the best homes in the sun. check out the best property portal in the country and see what kinds of homes are going to be in your budget. For example, you can get a 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms house for £77,000 which translates to around RM400,000. You still have your own terrace, around 1,750 square-feet of space and a quiet neighbourhood to live in. it's an incredible bargain as the average home price in the UK is around 3 times what you would pay for this type of property in Malaysia. 

Fantastic for those that want to retire, move for work purposes or just find a new place to live and enjoy a new way of life. Other more luxurious homes of a similar calibre to exotic villas is plentiful also. A mansion that has 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and 9,900 square-feet is going to cost around £540,000. Again you’re heading up into the upper echelons of villas and homes in the sun and luxury. A newer modular home would cost less than half of that, but still offer you plenty of rooms such as 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. However you’d have a third of the space at 3,300 square-feet and you would be living in a more residential sub-urban neighbourhood.

Homes in the sun are incredibly sought after and why not? They are situated in locations where you would pay an arm and a leg just for the weather let alone the coastal beauty. However don’t overlook the South of France if you’re searching for a more Mediterranean style of villa. In Malaysia, your options are vastly varied, with small, medium and large luxury homes are far cheaper than those in other countries.

Which would you choose?