January 30, 2020

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January has been a great month for me creatively. When my mind is busy with life's nonsense, drawing, sketching and creating my art prints has me refocused and relaxed. I've added some new prints to my Etsy shop, but I've also started creating some new pattern prints, modern nursery prints, quote prints and products to my store which I'll be adding for sale over the coming weeks.

I'm really pleased with the way my shop is coming along, although I think at some point I may try and find another outlet as I feel Etsy is too swamped with sellers so it's very hard to get a look in on sales. For now though, I need a creative outlet and having my Etsy store costs very little and gives me a reason to keep creating, so I'm sticking with it and expanding it where I can. Here's a little of what I've been up to in January...

New illustration prints

I love drawing and getting images I see in my head onto paper, so here's this months illustrations...

New pattern prints

I adore colourful patterns and I'm always drawn to fabrics like this, so I thought I'd create my own pattern prints. When hung with other illustrations, quotes and decor they just add a touch of colour and fun to any space. I'll have many more to come, but here's some for starters on my shop now...

New modern style nursery prints

I made one of these almost by accident and I just thought they'd be really fun, simple colourful prints for kid spaces or adventurous nurseries. I've done little people, animals and some all bunnies or cats...

New pocket mirrors

I am in love with my sample set of mirrors I got and can't wait to buy more. My patterns work so well on this pocket friendly scale and I added the little storage bags stamped with a W for Wafflemama to add a little detail. I'm just trying to work out pricing and get some decent pictures, then they'll be added to the shop.

Quote prints

I've also added my first two super simple quote prints to my store, starting with the wonderful Dr.Seuss. I've got lots more all ready to add, in simple monochrome colours to hang alongside the more colourful illustrations and patterns.

Colouring book

I'm currently awaiting the proof copy of my first colouring book called Weirdlings of Wafflemamaart, I'll update as soon as I know it's going for print, but for now here's a few sample pics...

Did you have a creative month this month?

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