January 27, 2020

Create || Making A Colouring Book For Etsy!

I've been pondering ideas for my Etsy shop this year and all I know is that I want it to be more than just prints, so I'm working on a few new products. I have some pocket mirrors which are lovely and will be added soon once I've finalised the packaging, but another new product which I'm really excited about is my colouring book, which will be for sale on both Amazon and Etsy!

I always loved the idea of a colouring book but had no clue where to start, but this time I had it sussed after publishing my book, so I'm all finished and currently awaiting delivery of my first ever colouring book - Weirdlings.

Weirdlings is a mash up of many of my prints over the years, all transformed into colouring pages. In the 24 pages you will find animals in clothes such as cats, a whale, dogs, mice and ducks, busy bonkers pattern pages and scenes that may well make it into one of my books some day, dolled up for colouring purposes. When I get my proof copy I'll know if I need more pages or if any adjustments need to be made, but if not they'll be listed for sale and I'm very excited about this one. I thought I'd share some sample pictures here to see what you think. As always, my drawings aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I hope they will appeal to some like minded folk who will enjoy something a little different. Here's a sneak preview of Weirdlings of Wafflemama, *hopefully* out soon...

Let me know what you think!

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