January 01, 2020

Mama Life || Looking Back On A Decade...

A decade sounds like such a long time but when I think back to where we were ten years ago, it's a different lifetime completely. For us, this decade has flown by, but it's brought us children, our own home, major life changes and new jobs. It's incredible looking back at what we've achieved and what we've gone through in that time so I thought I'd share on here so I can look back on this someday after the next decade. Who knows what that could bring!

I feel like a completely different person ten years on and in many ways, I much prefer myself now. I have grown in so many ways, learnt a lot about the world, about people and after lots of down time with poor mental health I've learnt to appreciate life and all that's thrown at us. I've learnt to love who I am, see my 'flaws' as positives and learn to love what I have in life instead of constantly thinking about what I don't have.

Our house has been a labour of love and it's so old it constantly has issues which I'm sure we'll never get sorted fully, but it's feeling like a home now and we are gradually making the best of all the space and enjoying it. The next week we got two kitten brothers Teddy and Dexter who  are still amazing friendly and cuddly to us and each other.  our house in 2009 and got to work fixing it up, all ready for our wedding in 2010. I had all my friends come and stay for a 'Taylor's Sailors' themed hen do, followed by our beautiful wedding at Doddington hall which we did on a tight budget but had the most perfect chilled wedding with friends and family around us.

The next year came the biggest change when I became a mum finally to Alf, born in the October after a hideous pregnancy our whole world changed. The changes were hard initially but I finally felt my life had meaning and that I had a purpose on this earth. A year later we got our little dog, a Cavapoo called Peggy and she's the best family dog you could wish for. In 2014 Soph was born and our family was complete. Since then we've been enjoying family life, keeping going when times were tough and treasuring all the little moments we will look on fondly some day.

For me, I set up my blog which has meant I could stay at home after Sophie was born earning just enough to keep us on top, as well as setting up my Etsy shop to give me another created be outlet for my art work. I published my first children's book with many more in the pipeline and have lots of plans for the new year.

Overall I am really happy with the past decade and all we've achieved. Looking back it feels like it's flown by which is scary as in another ten years we'll be in our mid forties with two teenagers! I don't know where we'll be or what we'll be doing, but I know I am going to try and enjoy the ride and treasure these young years with the kids.

How has your decade been?

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