January 26, 2020

Home Style || Creating A Relaxing Space For Bad Days

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When times are hard or you're just simply in need a cosy safe space to retreat to after a busy day, having a relaxing space in your home is so important. Surrounded by your favourite things, in a space that just takes your cares away in a matter of moments can be just the ticket to help let go of the stresses of the day and unwind. When bad days arise, as they do, you can rest in the knowledge that at some point you can retreat to your favourite calming space, with positive affirmations, soft comforting fabrics, relaxing lighting and somewhere to dump your thoughts. What could be better?

I thought I'd share some examples and product ideas to help create your perfect chill out spot, whether it's a small corner of your home or an entire room. Here's some suggestions for the cosiest spot in the house, your safe place;

Once you've decided on your fitting objects to surround yourself with, you can decide on the lay out of the room or space, to make it just right. If you have a source of natural light, embrace it with all it's powerful goodness. To soften the lighting and have the feel of shutting the world out whilst still letting in the light, you could opt to cover windows with sheer fabrics in light colours, to let in the light, without the hustle and bustle of life outside. As well as natural lighting, add touches of light such as gentle flickering candles, soft glowing lamps and dimmer switches for larger ceiling lights where possible.

When it comes to decorating, neutral colours are best, but if you want to add colour, opt for soft blues, greens and grey that will feel tranquil and calming. As much as I adore patterns and colour, keep your relaxing space light, soft and delicate, with pastel shades and neutral tones. Remove clutter in the room as it can be stressful with too much and invest in some suitable storage for the space to store things you want close by. Surround yourself with soft touchable fabrics such as fleece and faux fur, to add warmth and comfort, along with subtle prints reminding you of positive thoughts. 

Feeling close to nature can feel hugely grounding, so add a few non dominating house plants to bring the good bits of the outside in. Play calming music, sea sounds, nature sounds or whatever makes you feel truly at ease and work on your well being with books about positivity and self belief.

Do you have a special place like this in your home?

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