January 29, 2020

Mama Life || Why I don't Want To Join Your MLM Business

I'd like to start by first apologising in advance for anyone working in a MLM business such as Arbonne, Juice Plus, Younique, RevitalU etc etc. I understand the appeal, the way the clever way they are marketed can make them sound like a risk free investment and how the thought of earning thousands from anywhere armed with just your phone is pretty exciting. The only thing is though, I think they are a massive con and having been asked twice just today to join up to one and battling my way out of the conversation without trying to sound rude, I really wanted to write about it properly here. My issue isn't with you, the loyal recruits messaging people like me da in day out, it's with the people at the top and the whole messed up concept.

I wouldn't be great at it, I don't believe it's the answer to my prayers or that the products sell themselves so I literally stick a few posts on and watch my bank balance rise? It's quite frankly, a load of bollocks.

I've been approached many many times to join up with these kind of businesses and I think being a blogger, people seem to think we are going to snap their hand off with glee at the prospect of free money for no work. I'd rather work 24 hours a day cleaning pigeon turds off the pavement than have to peddle some over priced often quite dangerous products that will ultimately do nothing for me than stress me out, bleed me dry or most likely make me look like a complete tool to everyone I've ever met.  I say everyone I've ever met because one of their top selling tips seems to be digging up anyone you've ever known and trying to either recruit or sell. 'join my team you'd be fab hun' sent from someone you haven't seen for twenty years makes me pretty bloody angry. I'm always polite for as long as I can be, but the one I had today just would not get the hint and really wound me up, can you tell?

Whether it's strangers in the internet or people you've met or known before, it's always the same old sales pitches. They all LOVE my feed or think I'm SO pretty or that I'm exactly what they need for their team. The products are always 'so amazing hun' that I could just post once a day and I'd earn my fortunes. It's like brain washing, it's actually quite scary and they often reach out to the most vulnerable of us, a mum who obviously isn't very well off. If it was that great wouldn't they want the best salespeople to market their products? Real normal people can sell products better yes, but the thing is once you've fleeced your friends and family for a few months, they'll soon realise the products are OK but nothing special and a bit expensive and the sales will die down. Sad, but true. The people at the top won't care though because you're disposable and they've made their money from you and anyone you've signed up already.

Having once been an Avon rep, I can see some positives to this kind of set up and for me, having bagged up several orders I maybe made around £20 on a good catalogue, which I then spent on myself, from their catalogues. The amount of work putting orders through, delivering books, collecting and delivering products etc was not worth £20, but for me at that time it was £20 on treats for me I couldn't have justified otherwise and worth the time in that way, so I can see that advantage. There's also the fact that it can be quite good practise for actual real jobs in the future, never a bad thing. You also get to meet a community who work for the same brand, some people just like you, all eager to climb that greasy pyramid. And of course the ever enthusiastic CEOs, laughing all the way to the bank, because whilst your 'business' is selling their products, their money maker is you, and the others like you. The products are almost irrelevant because with thousands of people under them selling literally anything, they make money, then onto the next batch of fresh meat, lulled by the false promises of making dreams come true.

Having looked at one today that was trying to sell me a weight loss product, I did a little research. I discovered the CEO is a very dodgy guy with lots of old similar businesses that presumably got dumped after everyone realised it was a load of crap and moved onto his next scheme. The worst thing is that he's heading this brand on weight loss but he's very over weight and I can bet never would dare eat or drink the products his minions are pedalling. Some of the ingredients are illegal in some countries and some people have died from over doing it, yet there's thousands out there parroting his rubbish, hoping to live the dream, full of hope and joy, for now. It makes me very sad. Not just that, but weight loss products you take alongside a healthy carb free diet - you'd lose weight without the product so of course 'it works'.

With businesses like this, the people at the top get and stay rich, but you never will. There will always be product samples to buy, merchandise, things to invest in to grow your business, and perhaps you can make a little money from it for a while, until your pool runs dry and you're desperately messaging strangers on Instagram like the lady I had today who assured me:

The products sell themselves
I'd be great at it because I'm so positive
She'd reserved a spot on her team just for me
I'd be SO great as a health & fitness coach (LOL!)

Pushy desperate people hoping to find other desperate people, selling overpriced products all feeding the fat cat at the top. No thank you. The whole thing is marketed so cleverly, it's so American and happy and you can do it and we got this it makes me sick. The carrot and stick mentality of those above you, while you work away like a hamster in a wheel getting nowhere.

So when I say thank you, but it's not for me, I mean it and for all those reasons above. Anyone that has an MLM that has worked well for them, that's ace and well done! But for every other person out there who has big dreams and ambition but lack time and money, I'd avoid this kind of set up at all costs and either find an actual job or start something yourself, selling actual products you buy in or make. There's a good reason nobody does this long term or ever 'makes it' to the top, working from sandy white beaches.

Have you ever worked in an MLM business?

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