January 29, 2020

Create || Photography With The Google Pixel 3A XL

The last few phone upgrades have been far from exciting. Gone are the days where you cheerily scroll through your new ring tones, check out the latest game of snake or dabble with a camera that just about shows up the very thing you're trying to capture. Unless of course, you spend a fortune for the phone or a large amount every month. The last few upgrades have been budget phones, I've never been in a position to buy the latest models, so one old phone to the next upgrade have been pretty similar, with not much extra to shout about.

This time round, after a lot of shopping and very nearly opting for yet another average non exciting phone, I managed to find an affordable deal (£21 per month) on the very phone I had my eyes on - the Google Pixel 3a XL. I'd heard gret things about Google phones and the cameras are meant to be incredible, so I was super excited to get my hands on the Pixel and explore all the features it has to offer.

I wanted a phone camera that was as near to my DSLR pictures that I could use quickly on the go, without carrying around my big beefy Nikon all the time, and I think I have just about found the perfect solution. Here's a few snaps from the phone itself using portrait mode;



I love the portrait pictures and the depth given, blurred background and the fact it saves a regular shot at the same time, giving you the option to choose a less focused shot.

Pictures in night mode

Night mode is pretty amazing really, in dull lighting you get a photo that looks like daylight with crisp edges and even in a pitch black space you get a photo that sees a lot more than the naked eye, but with a little less on the quality front.

Regular camera left - night mode right. Colouring on night mode is much more like day light colours, more drama to sky and crisper lines. Pretty impressive really!

Regular mode left - night mode right

It was pretty much pitch black, so although the night mode is still not a great pic, you can see more than you could with the naked eye and the photo was taken whilst walking, hence movement.

This photo was taken in complete darkness, no natural or artificial light close by, purely using night mode. With the naked eye and no torch, this halloween prop wasn't visible by this time, but as you can see in night mode it's a lot clearer to see.

Overall, I'm really pleased with this phone for the price and all its functions. The screen is a decent size and the camera is great. I'm using my DSLR much less now which is much better for my back as it's so heavy and the pictures on my Pixel are such good quality in all lighting with no photographic skills required - win!

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