January 22, 2020

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After an initial slump this year, I'm back to getting stuck in with my writing here and also my next book and Etsy prints. I thought I'd share this year's prints so far, as I'm quite happy with how things are going and will start adding other accessories this month too, starting with pocket mirrors next week. So far this year I've been playing with quotes, funky patterns and a few new doodle portraits, so here's a sneak peek of what you'll find if you head to my Etsy store...

Pattern Prints

I'm a huge fan of eccentric patterns and although I don't quite have the guts to wear them very often, I love them in the house and think they make fab prints. I'm all about adding colour to neutral spaces in the home, and these ones really pack a punch and would make wicked fabric!

Quote prints

I love reading with the kids, so some quotes from our favourite books I thought would make great prints for kids spaces and nurseries. I'm keeping these quite simple for now, but I think the words are so beautiful that they work quite well with a neutral look. The first two this month are from Dr.Seuss books...


I love a twist on an iconic portrait, so I started with a new Bowie print because who doesn't love Bowie? I added my signature yellow bobble hat and styled it to fit my prints. I also worked on some more animals, the monkey was a commission at Christmas, but I agreed a lower price in exchange for adding the print to my shop and I love how it turned out. The others are dressed animals just because, well, I do like a well dressed animal.

I hope you like my new prints but if not, that's fine too because I know you can't please everyone and my prints can be a little 'different' at times. If you want to keep up with my art and listings, you can click here to check out my Etsy page, or click here to follow my Instagram.

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