January 23, 2020

Mama Life || 5 Date Night Ideas To Plan This Year

Mama Life - Collaborative Post

I didn't really make any formal resolutions this new year, because quite frankly I'm a bit of a rebel and by week two I'd be itching to give them up. I have set some rules though, with simple things like being kinder to myself, talking to people more instead of bottling things up and also, having more date nights with my husband. It's rare we get chance to just be relaxed and silly together, and I think it's something we need to work on.

We've been together since 2003, where we were students going out five nights a week, so understandably a lot has changed over the years, especially our social life since having children. There were no free dating websites then so we met the old fashioned way too, pretty much haven't been apart since and the rest is history.  I'm not a particularly sociable person, but I think it's important to spend time together and make the effort to de-stress and enjoy each others company as much as we can.

With this in mind I thought I'd share some date night ideas, so we can all get planning for a fun happy year ahead. So get those baby sitters sorted, get some dates booked and make this year the year of the date night. If you're on the lookout for love right now though, then don't be glum, this could be your year! Sites like matchmehappy are ready and waiting, packed with potential partners for you to find the right one for you.

The 'we're too tired/can't get sitters' cosy date night in

There is absolutely nothing wrong with staying in and it can still be special. Get the kids off to bed as early as you can convince them to and make plans. You could cosy up with your favourite movie together, maybe order in your favourite takeaway and have a bottle of something bubbly. You could make time to reminisce old stories, look at your older pictures together and revel in the history you share together. Above all, make it different to a normal Friday night in front of the TV, have an evening off from looking at your phones and enjoy it.

The fun casual date night

You may not be up for a big night out or anywhere too fancy, but why not pop on some comfy clothes and head out bowling, to the cinema or ice skating locally. A more 'teen style' date with fast food, fun and maybe a cheeky milkshake too. These kind of nights can be the best, low key, high fun and a bit of healthy competition thrown in for good measure. These are particularly good if you have kids and have a limited amount of time!

The 're-living your youth' date night

Having done this a couple of times last year, I can guarantee it's a good one. Check out when some of your favourite music groups, comedians or artists are playing and get yourself some tickets. You may even have a special night club from when you were younger, whatever it is make the arrangements for something special you can enjoy together. If it happens to be in another city and means a stay over, then even better! A bit of nostalgia makes a date night even more enjoyable, especially if it's a joint memory.

The 'out out' date night

For a full blow out of a night, why not go 'out out' to your favourite restaurant, bars, pubs and clubs. You could meet with other couple friends and just go all out like you used to before you had kids. Get dressed up, go somewhere you can't normally and go for it! Even though the hangover will feel like fresh hell, it will all be worth it to let your hair down and enjoy yourself. 

The weekend away - ultimate date night

This is the best of all, the weekend away, the ultimate date night of dreams. If you have kids, get sitters you're happy to have the kids over night so you can truly relax and get away somewhere special. You could explore a new city, re-visit the place you met or go somewhere with a band/play/festival that you want to see. While you're there, you could see some new sights, have a luscious lay in and some tasty treats from some local eateries, whatever floats your boat!

Do you have any date nights or dating plans this year?

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