Sunday, October 16, 2016

Alfie & His Very Best Friend >> Book Review & Giveaway

Alfie is back!

You're probably familiar with the much loved Alfie books, or if not then you will definitely be familiar with the author Shirley Hughes and the instantly recognisable illustrations that accompany her books.

Alfie has a new adventure in the form of his new book Alfie & His Very Best Friend. This book has recently been launched and very much lives up to the older titles and even throws back a mention to the famous motorbike man drawing Alfie drew in a previous book. 

In this story we find Alfie with his very best friend named Bernard (classic name) and it's a true story of friendship. The story is all about introducing us to Bernard and their mutual love of scooters, reading and their epic adventures. 

As with all the Alfie titles, this book is another heart warming tale, really focusing on the strength and importance of friendship, accompanied by beautiful illustrations and the tales of typically mischievous little boys that show their true and pretty awesome colours at the end.

There are always lovely morals to these stories and they feel really old school in a lovely cosy way - this new book is no exception.

We have read this a few times now and it has been enjoyed every time, it's now a classic on our book shelf for years to come. This is definitely one of those books that can be passed down through the generations, the story and it's message are timeless - we will always need kindness and friendship and Alfie has once again made us smile, as well as his little sister of course.

As a budding writer and illustrator myself, Shirley Hughes is a true hero of mine and has made over 50 books for children in her time so far, she's 89 and still draws every day - brilliant!

Alfie & his very best friend is out now and a true classic for any young book lovers collection. You can pick up your own copy on Amazon, or enter my giveaway below.

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