Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Personalised Music Gifts With Sing My Name >> Review

Sing My Name - Personalised Gifts

I love personalised gifts and I think for young children that little sparkle in their face when they hear or see their own name is pretty magical, so we were excited to be asked to try out some products from Sing My Name that do just that, in a pretty cute and unique way.

We received four items from Sing My Name, a car clock for Alf, a music player for Soph and a personalised CD for them both. 

Car Clock

Alf was sent a car clock to help me with this review, he was excited initially as he is learning to tell the time and was really pleased to have his very own clock to learn with.

When he heard the music he was pretty impressed with the song itself singing 'Wake up, Alf....' but then very upset at how loud it was. He isn't great with loud noises and I could see no way of adjusting the volume. The alarm song made him jump out of his skin - not a great hit so we wouldn't be using in the traditional sense.

When he is in a better mood he does like listening to it and was excited to show it off to his grandparents when they came round. I think he does like it in a way, but we just couldn't use it as an actual alarm as I'd worry about it upsetting him - plus he's four years old and bouncing off the walls at 6am already! This could however be used the other way round as a sleep trainer if that's your thing and after reviewing this I found out that if you get a cable that fits, you can reprogramme this to change the volume by watching their YouTube tutorials. I still think there should be an easy volume change on the actual clock though.

The clock retails at £24.95 which if it had a slightly more modern appearance and the option of a volume control then I would really recommend it. Without these features, for me it's not a great buy in our situation which is a real shame as I love the song and the sound quality/build of it are brilliant.

Rabbit Music Player

The second item was a pink personalised rabbit shaped music player for Soph and this one was worlds apart from the clock and we all absolutely love it. There are a few really great features to this one;

• 12 songs, all featuring the child’s name.
• Dedicated buttons for the ‘Wake Up’ song and ‘Sleepy Time’ lullaby.
• 2GB of memory stores hundreds more songs.
• Voice recorder. Record a story and SMN Rabbit can read for them if Mum or Dad are away.
• Soft light up ears gently change colour as a soothing night-light and face is a soft light lamp
• Great sound quality & plays MP3/WMA/WAV files
• Rechargeable & Mac/PC compatible

Soph was drawn straight away to the soft rubbery ears and insisted on carrying him around on the school run with her theme tunes playing. The sound quality of this was a huge surprise, it is really good and far better than our normal Bluetooth speaker. 

I actually really enjoy the songs this plays, they are all really catchy and fun, I didn't find them annoying like a lot of kids singing toys. The way the child's name is included is really sweet and both kids love this rabbit.

My favourite thing about this player was that it has a volume control cunningly disguised as a little rabbit tail, also the ears glow different colours or you can light up the face as a normal night light - this is a great all rounder and far more than just a music player.

This music player isn't cheap at £39.95 but it does so many jobs in one it's well worth that price tag. The quality of all the parts is really high and it's simple to use as soon as you take it out the box.

Personalised CDs

Along with the gadgets, we were also sent a CD of personalised songs for the kids, each one contains 8-12 songs with the child's name being repeated up to 90 times which I can assure you they really like. The CDs are priced at £14.95 and given that the songs are so good (and listening to these doesn't send you crazy), I think the price is great as they are so much better than cheaper versions.

"All the songs are written by top children’s songwriters to be suitable from birth right through to 6 years so children can enjoy them as they grow up. The songs contain positive messages and values in the lyrics, such as being good to pets and exercising, which are reinforced through the personalised lyrics to make kids really pay attention. These CDs are the perfect gift for Births, Birthdays, Christmas, Christenings and any other special occasion."

My Music personalised CD

These CDs would make a lovely gift and I would recommend these. I love the songs, love the personalised aspect and the kids love them too.


I really enjoyed reviewing these products for Sing My Name. I was blown away by the cute kawaii speaker, but a little less so by the clock which I felt a bit disappointing. The CDs are great and the songs all round are brilliant and well written. A big thumbs up from us.

You can find out more by visiting the Sing My Name website.