Monday, October 17, 2016

In The Kitchen With HelloFresh!

Hello Fresh!

It's clear as day that we love food in our family, buying it, cooking it, eating it and better still having a surprise box of the wonderful stuff delivered straight to the door.

This is exactly what happened when we were asked to review two weeks of food from HelloFresh. These are not just food boxes but they come with everything you need to make filling family meals from scratch, with all the recipes, herbs and spices included for the ultimate cooking from home experience.

HelloFresh offers a choice of three different box types with the most popular being the Classic (meat, fish and vegetarian recipes), as well as the Vegetarian and Family options. The ingredients are all sourced from top quality suppliers across the UK.

Our first box totally blew me away. We chose the Classic Box, and left the recipe options as a surprise. I love that I am supplied with everything I need for recipes with no waste, no chasing around shops and no guess work.

Arriving by courier, our food was perfectly chilled, packed really well and full with the freshest vegetables, the most lean looking good quality cuts of meat and a mixture of really interesting extra ingredients to add to the recipes on the cards which are also included.

I noticed we were sent a lot of tomatoes which we don't eat raw or cooked, but otherwise everything was either things we liked or that we wanted to try so we were keen to get cooking.

I really liked the recipes that we were sent. Although some of the ingredients were new to us, they were versions of every day normal food but made in a much more special way via easy to follow simple instructions. Nothing looked 'too hard' or non achievable.

Someone else doing all the planning, measuring and shopping on your behalf is the perfect way to create recipes for me, I really enjoyed the process.

Overall I would recommend trying HelloFresh out, the service was pretty seamless and I have no complaints apart from the oodles of tomatoes - but I'm sure I could be more choosy with future recipe choices and avoid those. 

I don't think the prices are too bad with boxes from £39.95 for four people (2 meals). I found it a little confusing having food for part of the week and having to still shop for a few days, though if I was more organised this wouldn't be a problem. We don't tend to meal plan a great deal so for us this system would take some getting used to. 

The kids loved the boxes getting delivered and helping unload all the fresh goodies. The quality of food is well above what we are used to so for that reason I think it's pretty good value for money.

If you'd like to try a HelloFresh box for yourself, you can find out more and order over on their website.