Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Makeover Time >> Cif Community Clean In Lincoln!

Community Clean

In areas like ours, community centres and children's centres play a huge role within the community, providing space, information, entertainment and help when needed. Unfortunately, nowadays everything comes down to budgets (and lack there of) and the lack of support can really reflect on these buildings that are much loved by all and very much in full use.

Earlier this year expert cleaning brand Cif launched a community clean project, whereby community centres across the country could be nominated to receive a sparkling clean from the Cif clean squad. Cif understands that community centres are an integral part of the community and are often a place where young people can grow and learn, outside of the classroom. I love that a huge brand like Cif recognise the importance of this kind of facility and have actively chosen to help - nice one Cif!

Luckily for us Lincoln folk, the Moorland Community Centre was one of just five centres nationwide to successfully win this competition and get their deep clean inside and out, head to toe. There were 179 entrants to this competition, so ours was really lucky to be chosen!

“We’re very proud to have launched the Cif Before & After Project this year. We know that for many towns, their local community space is the heart of their community; however upkeep isn’t always easy to manage. We’re so pleased that our expert cleaning squad will be bringing the shine back to the Moorland Community Centre and hope the spruced-up space continues to be a vital part of the community.” 
Trang Pham, Senior Brand Manager for Cif.

I went along to the Moorland CC last week to see how things were going and it really was in full swing when I arrived, I wish they could come and do our house!

The Moorland Community Centre is hugely popular to the local residents and a real hub of the area. The centre is home to several groups, classes and sports and plays a really big part in the community and really needs to be kept up to date and functioning at its best to keep it as popular as ever. The deep clean will hopefully signal a start to a whole new transformation with several more plans to decorate following the deep clean from it's users.

When I arrived at the centre I saw the hallway and entrance being completely refreshed with a lick f paint after it's deep clean. The meeting rooms had been completely spruced and were sparkling clean. The big hall was having the biggest makeover with five cleaners working on every single inch of the room to ensure it was totally spotless and looking its best.

The cleaners were hard at work and the transformation from the cleaned areas was really noticeable. The building will be so fresh and reset now for all its users and it looks to have made a huge difference. Looking forward, now Cif have invested this time into the centre, they can hopefully gain even more support to make further improvements for everyone who I'm sure will notice the difference when they come back! You can see all the before and after transformation pictures on the Neighbourhood Working Lincoln page on Facebook.

A collaborative post with Cif.