Thursday, October 06, 2016

Bonkers For Conkers? >> Favourite Conker Crafts


Are your kids bonkers for conkers?

I'm currently the proud owner of approximately 2.5 billion conkers - we have them ALL over the house. I loved collecting conkers as a child and I love watching my two get so excited over it all too. The only problem is what on earth to do with them, the kids act like they have found lumps of gold, if only they were!

Instead of having their prize conker stash in a bowl, hidden under the sofa waiting to go mouldy or filed in the bin, I thought I'd try and find some fun craft ideas to make the most of our conkers, as well as a few other Autumnal treats. If you click on the pins on my board below it will take you to the original 'how to' pages.

I think it's conker caterpillars for us this week - let me know if you try any!