Sunday, October 30, 2016

Craft Time - Autumn Paper Lanterns >> #BostikBloggers

Super quick & easy lanterns

This months theme for our Bostik Bloggers craft boxes was bonfire night. We were sent a box full of sparkles, streamers, sticks and glue. My initial thought was to make a super fancy firework rocket, but I decided to make something a lot simpler but also functional and simple enough for clever little hands to make alone.

Here are the paper lanterns we made from our craft box and I think they look great. I remember seeing a 'how to' on a 'Watch with Mother' video I had as a child and made thousands of them growing up. We popped battery candles inside to make a nice little table decoration, to be cosy inside while the bangs and pops go on outside!

For the lanterns you will need

  • A sheet of pretty card
  • Bostik PVA glue
  • A peg 
  • Some scissors
  • A battery powered tealight candle

To make

  • Lay the card flat, then fold the card in half length ways.
  • Once your card is folded, cut slits accross the folded edge, leaving a one inch space at the edges. (Measure these if you feel happier doing so!). Cut the final line off completely, this will become your handle.

  • Open up your card and put the shorter edges together, bringing the lantern into shape. Apply glue and hold together with a peg until dry. While this is drying you can attach your handle. Shape the card strip into an arch and attach to the top of your lantern.

  • Lastly, pop the lantern over your candle and voila, a perfect Autumn lantern, all ready for your cosy night watching the fireworks out the window.

If you love it, please pin it - image below!