Wednesday, February 13, 2019

14 Netflix Favourites

I have to admit that I'm a chronic Netflix addict. I watch one soap on regular TV and not much else, but I'm literally obsessed with everything Netflix has to offer, from the weird and wonderful, to classic TV shows and new series to binge on as I workout in the evening.

I've found myself watching documentaries about murders, cat shows, sharks, to reliving series like Skins, Little Britain and cuckoo. I've watched chick flicks, horrors.and approximately 1 million episodes of teen high school series that and cringeworthingly addictive!

Although there's some brilliant shows from other channels streaming on Netflix I'm going to talk about the ones that are mainly exclusive to Netflix right now and some of the most recent I've watched. Some of these you may have seen or heard of, but here's a little about some of my favourites so far...

  1. Russian Doll We watched this just last week and without giving too much away it's similar to Groundhog Day in terms of repetitive days, but with a really good story, great characters and totally binge worthy.

  2. 13 Reasons Why Everyone has probably heard of this now if not seen it. This was a tough one to watch and very triggering in parts, but really enjoyable and so well written. I thought this was really clever as I didn't feel it glamorised any of the negative aspects, but did show people the potential consequences of their words and actions. It was extreme in parts but really got the point across and will hopefully help with anti bullying in the future.

  3. You This ones about a stalker, obsessive behaviour and all out creepiness. Short but sweet, this series based on a novel was good to watch and had me gripped throughout.

  4. You, me & her I watched this one on a whim and really enjoyed it. The story is about relationships and polygamy, something I never really knew much about but it was a really good watch and I thought the cast were perfect for their parts.

  5. Stranger Things Just an absolute classic must watch, with lots of references to the 80's.

  6. The Haunting of Hill House We don't normally watch horrors, but this was much more of a thinker, it felt more about mental health than pointless scary moments and I loved it from start to finish.

  7. Schitts Creek Definitely a grower, this was surprisingly good and definitely took a few episodes to get into. This ones all about a rich family that lose everything apart from a town they once brought as a joke. It's all about showing that you can make your own success and money isn't everything.
  8. The Sinner A creepy one but really enjoyable. I can't wait for some more!

  9. Mindhunter Based on a book of the same name, this one follows two FBI agents as they look into the psychology of murders in the 70's. loved this one.

  10. Lovesick A UK chick flick style series. This was an easy watch and follows a guy telling all his many exes about an std. A good 'will they won't they' story.

  11. Ozark A great story about a family that have to pay off a debt to some serious people by money laundering. Lots of action and drugs and good storyline. 

  12. The Good Place Another grower about people that have died and end up in the good place. An easy watch as it explores relationships and showing them how they lived their lives and how to be better people.

  13. Riverdale A super cheesy teen series, it's one of those ones you don't know why you like it but just can't stop watching!

  14. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo A bit of a cliche, but having read the book and seen so many posts about her methods, watching the series finally clicked with me and I really enjoyed it.

So that's my lot, I'm off to watch some more Netflix for my daily fix! What have you been watching recently?